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The Best Daggers In Elden Ring Ranked

Here, we are going to go over what we think the best daggers in Elden Ring are.
The Best Daggers In Elden Ring Ranked

Elden Ring is filled to the brim with different weapons. In this particular title, you can find staff, katanas, and so much more in the game. Each weapon has its different uses, and depending on what kind of build you are going for, you are going to need a different weapon. For example, strength-based players will likely not find much success using katanas, while dexterity builds will.

A unique weapon that people sometimes use in Elden Ring is daggers. Daggers are not that common of a weapon in Elden Ring and are not picked up much due to their short range. But that should not dissuade you from using daggers, as they can be very powerful. If you are looking to pick up this weapon type, we are ranking the top 3 daggers in Elden Ring.

3. Blade Of Calling

Elden Ring Daggers Ranked
The Blade of Calling is a great dagger to pick up at the end of the game. (Picture: FromSoftware/MillGaming on YouTube)

If you are looking for a knife with range, the Blade of Calling is the way to go. To use this weapon, you will need 6 strength, 13 dexterity, and 15 faith. This weapon primarily scales with the faith stat, so the higher it is, the better the dagger is. What makes this weapon great is the Ash of Ware that is already attached called the Blade of Gold.

Blade of Gold is a very good weapon skill as it allows you to attack enemies from very far away using faith as the primary source of damage. If you are a faith and dexterity build, you need to highly consider using this weapon. The only problem is that you will get this weapon much later in the game.

2. Black Knife

Elden Ring Daggers Ranked
The Black Knife can make bosses trivial in Elden Ring. (Picture: FromSoftware/Arekkz Gaming on YouTube)

The Black Knife is a powerful weapon for those focusing primarily on building a dexterity-focused character. Although this weapon requires some investment into the faith stat, the Black Knife scales mostly with dexterity. This weapon has the unique skill known as the Blade of Death.

The Blade of Death skill will make you jump up and launch a dark fire slash into distant enemies. If you are struggling against particular bosses, you might want to consider using this weapon, as the skill will keep you safe while doing massive damage.

1. Reduvia

The Reduvia is definitely the best dagger in Elden Ring. (Picture: FromSoftware/ESO on YouTube)

The Reduvia is the best dagger in Elden Ring. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first thing is that this dagger can be found very early in the game. On top of that, this dagger will naturally cause blood loss when you are using it. Due to the fact that daggers attack quickly, you will stack blood loss against your enemies quickly.

The Reduvia also has a unique skill known as Reduvia Blood Blade. This skill allows you to rapidly attack and cause blood loss even faster against distant enemies. Just remember that this particular weapon scales best with Arcane, and you are good to go.

Check out this guide by ESO on YouTube to find out how you can get two Reduvia very early in Elden Ring.