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The Elden Ring Cataclysm Mechanic Sounds Great in Cut Content Reveal

A dataminer has compiled an Elden Ring video showcasing a tonne of cut content, from maps to alternate routes, and the Cataclysm mechanic.
The Elden Ring Cataclysm Mechanic Sounds Great in Cut Content Reveal

Arise, Tarnished! We've got some cut content from the original Elden Ring to take a look at, including an interesting Cataclysm gameplay system.

The cut content (video at the bottom of this article) was compiled by dataminer Sekiro Dubi and is rather interesting, showing some Deeproot Depths maps, Radahn's arena crater, and an alternate Moghwyn Palace area.

So what is the Cataclysm mechanic exactly? Well, it is a system that was cut from Elden Ring before its release, where players would interact with objects on the map, which would result in meteors falling from the sky, changing the landscape.

Elden Ring cataclysm map mechanic cut content snow
The Cataclysm map mechanic in Elden Ring could result in snow blocking off certain paths, and opening up others. (Picture: Sekiro Dubi YouTube)

It isn't just meteors, however, as new information points towards a cut zone, consecrated snowfield, having objects that, when interacted with, cause snowfall.

When in effect, the Cataclysm mechanic in Elden Ring would transform the world or parts of the map, blocking off certain paths and opening up others.

With the mechanic, The Lands Between could have been more dynamic. However, there's probably a good reason FromSoftware decided to cut this mechanic from the game.

We won't hold our breath for this type of gameplay element to appear in Shadow of the Erdtree massive map. With that being said, it does sound awesome! Check out the video from Sekiro Dubi below, showcasing unused maps and the Cataclysm mechanic's effects.

Unfortunately, no mention has ever been made about the Cataclysm mechanic coming to Elden Ring in the future.