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Elden Ring Dev Could Be Working On A New Project

Elden Ring developers could potentially be working on a brand-new project.
Elden Ring Dev Could Be Working On A New Project

With Elden Ring being Game of the Year, fans are very excited to see what is happening next. Elden Ring is filled with deep lore, and the combat of the game helped make it as popular as it was around the world. That is why when Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was announced, fans were excited to see what is happening next in Elden Ring.

FromSoftware has a very high reputation for making difficult yet very fun games like Elden Ring. That is why when they announced that they were making Armored Core 6, fans became very excited. However, there could be more projects that are on the way. Apparently, there could be more projects from Elden Ring developers coming.

What Is Next For Elden Ring Developers?

Elden Ring Devs
Kenneth Chan has been working on Elden Ring for the last 2 years. (Picture: FromSoftware)

There are many different developers that worked on Elden Ring during its lifespan. One of the developers for Elden Ring was a man named Kenneth Chan, a producer, and director for FromSoftware. Kenneth Chan has a LinkedIn profile showing off all the work he has done for FromSoftware and it looks like he is cooking up something new.

According to his profile, he is currently working as a producer for an "unannounced project" now that he has completed his time developing Elden Ring. There is currently no other information on his LinkedIn profile about what this unannounced project could be, but from the looks of his profile, it is not Armored Core 6 and it is being developed by FromSoftware.

When Could This Unannounced Project From Elden Ring Developers Release?

Elden Ring Developers
It could be a long time before this unannounced project is revealed. (Picture: FromSoftware)

It is important to note that every single video game development project is different, even within the same company. According to Chan's LinkedIn profile, he has been working on Armored Core 6 for almost 6 years now, and he only worked on Elden Ring for 2 years. It will be pretty difficult to tell when this unannounced project could potentially come out.

What we do know is that this unannounced project has been in development at least since January 2022. That means that it could be the early stages of the project right now or if he was introduced late into the team, then it could be a few years in development. At the moment, our best guess is that this new project could come out in the next five years.