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How to fix Elden Ring Steam Restart Loop error

A Steam restart loop halted the journey across The Lands Between. Here's how to fix the Steam Cloud Conflict error in Elden Ring.
How to fix Elden Ring Steam Restart Loop error

Elden Ring’s PC players stumbled into a massive issue, where the game’s save data wasn’t stored properly in Steam Cloud. While the reasoning is not clear at the time of writing, the error message prompted conflicts with the Cloud saved data.

Publisher Bandai Namco has responded by providing a solution for players who are still experiencing this issue. Here’s how to resolve the Steam Cloud Conflict for Elden Ring.

How to fix the Steam Cloud Conflict error?

According to the publisher, players who cannot launch Elden Ring or continue playing the game on PC will need to locate the game’s saved data files within Steam manually.

It would be best to have Steam Cloud enabled, which you can check by accessing the Elden Ring Steam page from your Library tab.

If you haven’t updated the game yet, you will need to do so; otherwise, you won’t access the game’s save data files until the update has been completed. After updating the game, click on the gear icon to bring up a mini-menu and select “Properties”.

Within this menu, locate the General category, and you should see under Steam Cloud if it has been enabled. The “Keep games save in the Steam Cloud for ELDEN RING” should be checked which your save data files will appear in the Steam Cloud game save menu.

elden ring steam cloud save conflict game page cloud enable
Visit the Elden Ring Steam page and go to the General setting page to check if Steam Cloud is enabled. (Picture: Valve)

To successfully load the saved data files, you will need to access the Steam Cloud page via the Steam website by logging into your account.

From here, you should view the fully downloaded games, the number of files and the size of the files for each game. In addition, you should see another column that reads “Show Files”, which by clicking on it will bring up all the files saved to the Cloud for the game.

elden ring steam cloud save conflict steam cloud page steam website
Visit the Steam Cloud page on the Steam website to access your Cloud game saves. (Picture: Valve)

This step is crucial as you can view all the files saved to Steam Cloud and the dates and times. This allows you to download a specific saved data file to your PC and back it up elsewhere if you accidentally overwrite this file on your PC.

  • To download the saved data file from Steam Cloud, select the file you wish to load by clicking “Download” beside the file
  • A mini-menu will appear where you can choose where you want to save the file, whether it be on the PC or external hard drive
elden ring steam cloud save conflict steam cloud page download pc external hard drive
Download the Elden Ring game save file to your PC from the Steam Cloud page or back it up on an external hard drive. (Picture: Valve)

Once downloaded, you should be able to relaunch Elden Ring and continue exploring The Lands Between and defeating its fearsome bosses.


Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.