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Elden Rings Let Me Solo Her Praises Shadow of the Erdtree as a 10/10

Our favorite Elden Ring Malenia slayer "Let Me Solo Her" has praised Shadow of the Erdtree DLC as a 10/10 out of the gate.
Elden Rings Let Me Solo Her Praises Shadow of the Erdtree as a 10/10
FromSoftware / @TsuboiKlein via X

The legendary Malenia slayer, Let Me Solo Her, has eagerly plunged into the new Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and their initial reaction to the content is a surprising 10/10. There might be a specific reason for this high praise (more on that later), but it is still a significant endorsement from one of the game's top players.

Let's delve into the details that led Let Me Solo Her to give the game such high praise so early in its release and explore what you can expect if you plan on venturing into the Land of Shadow in Elden Ring's new DLC.

Elden Rings Let Me Solo Her Praises Shadow of the Erdtree as a 10/10

Let Me Solo Her, the renowned Malenia Slayer who assisted countless Tarnished in their battles against Malenia in The Lands Between, has recently embarked on their journey into the Land of Shadow. On the first day, they already rated it a 10/10. In a recent post on X, the legend shared an image of their character wearing an even larger pot on their head, with the caption, "1st day of DLC and it's already a 10/10 for me."

This seems to be a playful reference to their usual smaller pot helmet from the base game, and finding a larger one so early in the DLC is a chef's kiss moment for them. The helmet, called the Greatjar Helmet, is found within the Belurat Gaol in the northwest Gravesite Plain region. While it may not be particularly special as a piece of gear, it is a perfect aesthetic choice for a player as skilled as Let Me Solo Her.

Although this humorous reference brings a smile to our faces, it's likely that Let Me Solo Her genuinely considers the DLC to be fantastic, rating it a 10/10 after having already cleared much of the main game. In a follow-up tweet, the legend showcased their defeat of Messmer, indicating that they had already bested the Lion, Renalla, and Hippo bosses.

This makes it evident that they are thoroughly enjoying the DLC so far, and we doubt that opinion will change as they continue their adventure through the Land of Shadow.