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Elden Ring Magma Wyrm: How To Beat

Here is our guide on how to beat the Magma Wyrm in Elden Ring.
Elden Ring Magma Wyrm: How To Beat

Elden Ring is one of the most popular games in the world and won many awards throughout the year it was launched. The reason for that is the FromSoftware formula that has been so successful throughout the years. The formula that has made FromSoftware games so good is the fact that they are hard to beat yet feel very rewarding when you do beat them.

The reason why Elden Ring is hard to beat is due to the difficult bosses that are scattered throughout the map. These bosses require you to use different strategies and different approaches to take them down. One of the more difficult bosses in Elden Ring is the Magma Wyrm. Here, we will teach you how to beat the Magma Wyrm in Elden Ring.

How To Beat The Magma Wyrm In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Magma Wyrm
The Magma Wyrm will restrict your movements by spitting out magma that you cannot walk on. (Picture: FromSoftware)

The Magma Wyrm is kind of a tricky boss to approach. The Magma Wyrm is a very large and wide boss which can be difficult to approach at times. The reason for that is that the Magma Wyrm is either swinging its giant sword at you or spitting magma all over the floor which restricts your movements.

When it is spitting its magma, stay away from it and just let it charge around, it will stop eventually. On top of that, sword attacks can be dodged which gives you the opportunity to attack the Magama Wyrm. If you are a physical attacker, you need to aim for its head. The head is almost always low enough for you to hit, and it will do the most damage against it. Do not attack its tail. The tail has the highest defense, and it is very hard to predict the Magma Wyrm's movements from behind.

Other Strategies To Defeat The Magma Wyrm

Elden Ring Magma Wyrm
Make sure to save on a nearby Site of Grace so you can get right back in the fight in case you lose. (Picture: FromSoftware)

One of the best ways to take down the Magma Wyrm is by casting incantations and sorceries. Spells make it a lot easier to target specific parts of the Magma Wyrm instead of hoping that the head will come down to you. So from a long distance, you can target the head of this monster and do maximum damage at nearly all times.

One thing that everyone has an advantage on against the Magma Wyrm is speed. The Magma Wyrm does not rotate quickly. That means that you can make it rotate often, which will put the pressure off of you. Keep rotating, understanding when to back off, and aiming for the head are the keys to defeating this formidable foe.

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