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How To Use Spells in Elden Ring

Here is our guide on how to use spells in Elden Ring.
How To Use Spells in Elden Ring

There are so many different ways to play Elden Ring. Throughout the game, players can use the absolute best katanas that are in the game, cutting through enemies and inflicting bleed damage on anything that moves. Some prefer to use their stats differently by casting huge spells on their enemies.

There is no right way to play Elden Ring, as it is all based on your preference. One of the more popular ways to deal damage in Elden Ring is through spell damage. Magical attacks have never been better in a FromSoftware game, and they knock it out of the park. Get your staff ready because we are going to teach you how to use spells in Elden Ring.

How Do I Use Magic In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Spells
There are many different kinds of spells in Elden Ring. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Unlike weapons, sorceries and incantations are very strict in Elden Ring. Players can equip any weapon in Elden Ring even if they do not have the stats for them; they will just be punished with diminishing returns. Spells are different. You cannot cast a spell without the right stats. An example of that is you can never cast Ambush Shard without 23 points in the intelligence stat.

Once you have the stats properly allocated, you will need to memorize your spell. To do that, you will need to visit a Site of Grace and memorize the spell you want to use there. Once you do that, you will need to equip the right weapon to cast your spells. Sorceries need staff, and Incantations require hand seals. Once you have everything ready, you need to make sure you have the right staff/hand seal selected and the right spell; use your action key for your weapon, and then you will cast your spell.

What Kind Of Spells Are There In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring How To Use Magic
Some enemies will try to attack you with spells of their own. (Picture: FromSoftware)

There are two different types of spells in Elden Ring, sorceries and incantations. Sorceries require you to use a staff and are usually your primary source of damage. Incantations are used by hand seals and are either supportive or a secondary source of damage. There are large amounts of sorceries and incantations in Elden Ring.

More often than not, you will want to feel out what is best for your playthrough. But because spells are so strict with their stats, you might want to respec your character to fit what you are trying to do.

Here is a guide from GrubMagnet Gaming on YouTube that gives you a basic rundown on how spell-casting works in Elden Ring.