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Elden Ring Night Armor Set: How To Get & Stats

Find one of the best, or at least best-looking armor sets in the DLC as we show you how to get the Night Armor set in Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree.
Elden Ring Night Armor Set: How To Get & Stats

To protect yourself in the Land of Shadow, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree offers players a plethora of new weapons and armor sets to shield against the harsh path walked by Miquella the Kind. One notable addition is the Night Armor set, which is as useful as it is menacing in appearance.

In this guide, we will explore exactly how you can get your hands on the new Night Armor set in Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree. We will also discuss its stats and whether it could be a good fit for your next DLC build.

How to Get the Night Armor Set in Elden Ring

To get your hands on the new Night Armor set, you’ll need to have progressed roughly a quarter or more into the DLC and reached the Scadu Altus region, just northeast of the Gravesite Plain Site of Grace. The location you’re looking for is called Bonny Village. You can get there from the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace by heading south and descending a ladder hidden in the ruins to drop down to Bonny Village.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Night Armor Set Location
The Night Armor set is located in the Bonny Gaol dungeon just south of Bonny Village. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

Once in the village, find a bridge to the south and cross it. Continue straight until you reach the Bonny Gaol dungeon entrance. Descend into the dungeon and progress naturally; it will lead you down to a charnel pit, where you’ll find a jar lift. Take the lift to reach the top of a hidden section you passed earlier in the dungeon.

Step off the lift, and just ahead, you'll see the Helm of Night, Armor of Night, Gauntlet of Night, and Greaves of Night glowing on a corpse that's set don't a table. If you're interested, go up the steps and through the tunnel to acquire the Shield of Night. The Shield of Night has the Revenge of the Night ash of war skill, which causes it to spew shadowy projectiles.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Night Armor Set How To Get Location
After taking the Jar elevator to the top of the dungeon, you'll find the set on a corpse lying on a table. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

The armor itself sports decent stats for taking on physical damage and offers well-rounded resistance to magic, fire, light, and holy damage. It’s not too heavy, making it a solid option for dex/strength users who don’t want armor slowing them down.

Elden Ring Night Armor Stats

Here’s a breakdown of the stats of the entire set for your convenience:

Damage Negation:

  • Physical: 15.3
  • VS Strike: 15.3
  • VS Slash: 17.2
  • VS Pierce: 17.2
  • Magic: 27
  • Fire: 20.6
  • Light: 20.6
  • Holy: 27.4


  • Immunity: 130
  • Robustness: 77
  • Focus: 110
  • Vitality: 110
  • Poise: 26

So there you have it, a comprehensive breakdown for anyone looking to get the Night Armor set in Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree. Be sure to give this armor and all the other new sets added to the game a chance to see what works best for your build.