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Elden Ring Players Have Died To Malenia Nearly 330 Million Times

According to some statistics, players have been dying to Malenia in Elden Ring a lot.
Elden Ring Players Have Died To Malenia Nearly 330 Million Times

With Elden Ring winning game of the year from The Game Awards in 2022, it is needless to say that this is a very popular game. Players love building out their characters to experience everything Elden Ring has to offer because the game is massive. It is so big that there are a lot of different stats available about the player's experience with the game.

There are multiple stats about how players have died, from PvP to something as simple as fall damage. There are many bosses that have high notoriety due to their difficulty in Eldgen Ring. But no boss is more infamous than Malenia. As the stats show, players have died to Malenia a lot in Elden Ring.

Melania Has Killed Millions Of Players

Elden Ring Malenia Kill Count
According to the stats, defeating Malenia in Elden Ring is difficult. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

Since the launch of the game, Bandai Namco has been keeping a record of a lot of different things that players do in Elden Ring. Some of the stats include how many times players have died, the most common incantations and the number of attempts players have made against the bosses in the game.

According to the stats, players have attempted to fight against Malenia 329 million times. This means that players have initiated combat with Malenia many times. The reason why the number is so high is due to the fact that it usually takes multiple attempts for players to defeat this particular boss. More than likely, Malenia is responsible for nearly that many deaths. It is no surprise considering how difficult the boss is.

Other Interesting Elden Ring Stats

Elden Ring Malenia Deaths
Falling to your death is pretty common in Elden Ring. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

Players dying a lot of times to Malenia is no surprise. What is a surprise though is that two starting bosses, Margit The Fell Omen and Limgrave Tree Sentinel are right beside her for the number of attempts. These are basically the two starting bosses of the game and they really set the tone that Elden Ring would be a difficult game to beat.

Although most deaths in Elden Ring are caused by enemies and NPCs, 14% of 9 billion deaths were caused by falling. There are a lot of places players can fall to their death in Elden Ring but it is an interesting fact. But overall, it seems Malenia is responsible for nearly 4% of all of Elden Rings's deaths, which is a lot for a single boss.