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Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Romina Saint Of The Bud Boss Guide

Gain access to Enir-Ilim as we show you how to locate and defeat Roming, Saint of The Bud in ELden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree.
Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Romina Saint Of The Bud Boss Guide

In the main path of Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree, you will encounter a few major bosses. The primary boss you must defeat before burning the Sealing Tree and accessing Enir-Ilim is Romina, Saint of the Bud. Fortunately, this boss isn't too challenging if you've made it this far in the game, though some players may struggle if they aren't adequately prepared.

So in this guide, we will show you exactly how to find Romina, Saint of the Bud, explain the mechanics of her fight, detail her abilities, and, of course, provide strategies on how to defeat her. So, without further ado, let's dive right in.

Romina, Saint of the Bud Boss Location

Romina, Saint of The Bud, is the next boss you'll face after taking on Messmer the Impaler. Defeating her is necessary to burn the Sealing Tree and access Enir-Ilim. She has a unique appearance: a half-woman, half-butterfly upper body, and a half-centipede, half-scorpion lower body. Romina wields a large spear/lance-type weapon and uses attacks that inflict Rot. Her design feels eerily similar to Quelaag from DS1 and Najka from DS2 (I see what you did there, Miyazaki).

Shadow Of The Erdtree Romina Saint Of The Bud Boss Location
Romina can be found in the Church of The Bud, which you'll reach after going through the Scorpion River catacombs in the Ancient Ruins of Rauh. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

To find her, venture to the Ancient Ruins of Rauh until you reach the Scorpion River Catacombs. From there, follow the linear path leading to the Church of The Bud, where you'll face Romina. Her fight is fairly straightforward, but there are some details you need to know. So, let's explore her abilities first:

Romina, Saint of the Bud Boss Fight Overview

Romina, Saint of The Bud Abilities

Shadow Of The Erdtree Romina Saint Of The Bud Boss Abilities
Romina uses her scorpion tail and centipede body to rush you, while her spear inflicts more Scarlet Rot as you'll see from the abilities below. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)
  • Triple Centipede Bite Swing: At mid-range, Romina swings its centipede head thrice from left to right.
  • Double Spear Swing: At close range, Romina's human body swings its spear downward and upward twice.
  • Scorpion Stinger Swing: At mid-range, Romina's scorpion stinger swings, dealing heavy damage.
  • Body Whip: Romina curls her centipede and stinger into her body, then quickly whips them out at different intervals.
  • Flying Sting: At mid or long-range, Romina briefly flies and thrusts downward with her stinger.
  • Cyclone Spear Slash: In close range, Romina swings her spear downwards twice in a circular motion.
  • Centipede Ball: Romina leaps into the air, curls into a ball, rolls towards you multiple times, and then unfurls, swiping with her spear.
  • Flying Spear Slash: Romina attacks thrice with her spear while airborne.
  • Butterfly Bombs: Romina creates a whirlwind of slashes around her body, summoning butterflies that explode after a few seconds.

When facing Romina, the primary concern is the Scarlet Rot she inflicts, which can be lethal if you lack Preserving Boluses. Her swift movements mean you have limited time to defeat her once afflicted, so it's wise to keep Boluses on hand to ensure a safer and more manageable fight.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Romina Saint Of The Bud Boss Tips
For this fight, you'll want to try and stay near Romina as her ranged attacks are more difficult to deal with. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

Romina employs several moves that can chain into combos. Regardless of your build, the optimal strategy is to stay close to her. This proximity provides more opportunities to dodge her close-range centipede and stinger attacks. When she switches to ranged attacks, dodging is essential.

Even at close range, Romina's attacks can hit hard. Watch her body movements closely and roll to evade attacks as necessary, then strike during her cooldowns. During her Butterfly Bombs ability, indicated by a pink glow and slashing damage around her body, swiftly moves away to avoid both the slashes and the exploding butterflies.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Romina Saint Of The Bud Boss Range Tips
Watch for when Romina turns pink as this means she's using a wide-spread Scarlet Rot ability and can easily delete your health bar. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

With practice, you can effectively evade Romina's dangerous attacks. If using a bleed weapon, exploit her vulnerability to bleed to quickly reduce her health between her combos. As her health diminishes, be prepared for her "second phase," where she uses her butterflies, larger spinning attacks, and Centipede Ball more frequently.

In summary, stay vigilant against Scarlet Rot buildup, stick close to evade her powerful ranged assaults, and capitalize on opportunities to counter with a bleed weapon for a swift victory. Maintain this approach, and eventually, Romina will fall, granting you her Remembrance and unlocking access to Enir-Ilim to continue your journey through the Land of Shadow.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Romina Saint Of The Bud Boss Rewards
After a little practice, you will eventually overcome Romina and get her Remembrance as a reward as well as access to Enir-Ilim. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)