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How To Get The Smithscript Greathammer in Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree

Crush your enemies with raw steel as we show you how to get the Smithscript's Greathammer in Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree.
How To Get The Smithscript Greathammer in Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree

What's better than hitting your enemies in the face with a block of steel? Throwing it at their faces, of course! Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree scratches this itch perfectly with the new Smithscript's Greathammer. This weapon is potent and fun to use, making it a must-try for any DLC player.

If you're looking to get your hands on it, then you're in the right place. Below, we will show you exactly how to get the new Smithscript's Greathammer in Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree.

Smithscript Greathammer Location In Shadow Of The Erdtree

To get the Smithscript Greathammer, you’ll need to venture north to Taylew's Ruined Forge, a mini-dungeon located north of the Ancient Ruins Base Site of Grace in the Rauh Base. Once you reach the dungeon, activate the Site of Grace inside, and descend deeper until you reach a platform overlooking a magma lake below you.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Smithscripts Greathammer Location
Taylew's Ruined Forge is located north of the Ancient Ruins Base Site of Grace. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

From here, head to the left side and through the passage ahead of you, then keep heading straight, avoiding the Magma Oozes that spawn around you. This will lead you to a ladder that you can take down. From there, head straight across and hop over a few platforms until you make it to a large fallen pipe that leads down into the magma.

Carefully leap onto the pipe and across to the other side to find yourself in a new area with another Magma Ooze. Once you defeat this blob, loot the corpse behind it to find the hammer. The hammer can be used immediately (if you have the stats to wield it). Here’s a breakdown of the weapon’s stats and description.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Smithscripts Greathammer Spot in Dungeon
When you jump on the pipe, look out for this room as shown above, and you'll find the hammer around the corner to the right. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

Smithscript Greathammer Stats And Requirements

Description: A Greathammer engraved with a Smithscript. A throwing weapon created through the smithing arts. Execute a strong attack or dashing strong attack to spin and fling the Greathammer.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Smithscripts Greathammer stats
Below are the stats for the Smithscripts Greathammer. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)
  • Type: Great Hammer
  • Weight: 9.0
  • Scaling: Str D, Dex E, Int E, Fai E
  • Requires: 20 Str, 10 Dex, 11 Int, 11 Fai
  • Attack Type: Strike
  • Can Change Skill? Yes
  • Upgrade Type: Standard
  • Attack (Standard): 141 Physical

This weapon is worth the effort of obtaining as it sports strong damage, especially when leveled up to maximum specs as well as the Endure Ash of War. Its hammer toss is useful for poking foes from a distance or smashing flying creatures out of the sky, given that they aren’t too far away as the hammer's range has a steep fall-off.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Smithscripts Greathammer Uses
The Smithscripts Greathammer is extremely useful as both a close-range and poking weapon that can be thrown. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

Now that you know how to get it and what its stats and requirements are, you’re ready to find it and try it out for your next or current Elden Ring DLC build.