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Stillwater Cave location in Elden Ring

Here's how to find the location of Stillwater Cave in Elden Ring and defeat all the challenges held inside this poisonous cave.
Stillwater Cave location in Elden Ring

Elden Ring holds to its roots with various swamp and toxic levels for players to explore in the Lands Between, similar to the other FromSoftware titles. One of these is Stillwater cave which offers some unique items to find and a powerful boss to defeat. 

In this guide, we will give you all the details you need to find and conquer the challenges that lurk in Stillwater Cave. From the best route to take to tips for defeating the boss and more. 

Stillwater cave location in Elden Ring

Players can find the Stillwater Cave entrance by dropping down the southern plateau from the Stormviel Castle entrance of Lurnia of the Lakes. There will be two Spirit Jellyfish around the entrance to the cave you can look out for to find them. 

Map location for Stillwater Cave in Elden Ring.
Map location for Stillwater Cave in Elden Ring. (Picture: Fextralife / FromSoftware)

When moving through the cave, it's recommended that you do not roll or doge too much, as it will get your gear covered in poison and increase the time it takes for the poison effect to stop increasing and to wear off.

It's also good practice to carry a Torch and a handful of Neutralizing Boluses to counteract the poison build-up of the area before heading inside. 

Stillwater Cave in Elden Ring Guide 

Once you are inside the cave, it's a straight shot to the boss as you move through the cave. From the Site of Grace near the entrance, hug the right wall, and avoid falling into the pits that are home to the Poison Flower enemies, and poisonous water that can easily overwhelm you.

Flower Enemies and poison waters on your left in the Stillwater cave in Elden Ring.
Flowe Enemies and poison waters on your left in the Stillwater cave in Elden Ring. (Picture: YouTube / Joe Hammer Gaming)

As you move through, there will be a Giant Bat near some grave moss, you can stealth kill the bat or move past it. Once done, move forward to Kill a Servant of Rot, one of the mushroom-headed enemies that throw poison bolts at you from a distance. 

After this, jump the gap to kill two more Servants of Rot, and decide whether you want to collect the loot in the cave or if you want to rush towards the boss first. If you choose to collect the items, head to the tunnel to the left of the two servants you just killed.

You'll come to a room with a few items to loot but beware, there are Servants of Rot roaming this area and deep poison water, so try to take out the Servants of Rot before anything else. There are also Giant Bats that you need to kill in this area.

After doing so, you can safely collect the items in the area, which includes the Sage Set, a light armor that offers sturdy resistance. After collecting this, backtrack to where you killed the two Servants of Rot to continue to the Boss. 

From here, hug the southeast wall until you eventually reach a pit you have no choice but to jump into. Jump down and sprint past the Flower Enemies until you reach a tunnel. This tunnel is filled with Servants of Rot but you can weave past them until you make it to the fog gate to take on the boss: The Cleanrot Knight.

The Cleanrot Knight Boss in Stillwater Cave 

The Cleanrot Knight is a powerful enemy but not an impossible one to defeat. It wields a spear and a sword that it will almost always use when charging at you and attempting to impale you with them. 

Find and defeat the Cleanrot Knight in Stillwater Cave.
Find and defeat the Cleanrot Knight in Stillwater Cave. (Picture: YouTube / Joe Hammer Gaming)

This can be a dangerous move as if it connects, he will fling you into the air and inflict scarlet rot status on you, which deals a large amount of damage. Try to watch for when his spear glows and move out of the way quickly. 

This boss is susceptible to backstabs, so having a sumon to draw him in while you move in to attack from behind is a sure way to guarantee a victory. Remember, the floor is poisonous, so dodging needs to be a last resort. 

After defeating it, the Knight drops the Winged Sword insignia which increases the player's attack power after each successive attack. A powerful Talisman for the more aggressive players out there. 

And that's everything you need to know about Stillwater cave including its location, and how to successfully conquer its challenges. For more Elden Ring related guides and news, please see our dedicated Elden Ring section

Featured Image courtesy of YouTube / Joe Hammer Gaming