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These Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Players are Next Level

Elden Ring players are defeating the game in the craziest ways.
These Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Players are Next Level

It’s funny isn’t it, because as much as hordes of people cried that Shadow of the Erdtree was too difficult on release, we all knew that within a couple of weeks, we’d log on to reddit to find the final boss being defeated by some dude's one legged cat using an anime body pillow as a controller. 

Of course it does take a few weeks for everyone to digest the expansion and work out what the hell they’re doing, but that just so happened to line up with this weekend, and man have people been busy. 

Now spoiler alert, we’re going to be seeing the final boss fight here, so if your ego is not yet ready to see people make Radahn look like a lil bitch, then you might want to look away now. 

Hitless the dlc final boss. This is revenge for the hours of ass kicking.
byu/jaded-dreamer5 inEldenring

First of all, we had reddit user Jaded-dreamer 5 defeat him without taking a single hit. He, obviously, didn’t wear armour, cos’ he didn’t need it. Still, I’m impressed that those tighty whities didn’t break at the weight of his balls of steel.

Oh, but as if that wasn’t impressive enough, some dude called Niko Bellic, has managed to speedrun the entirety of Shadow of the Erdtree, without taking a hit, in under an hour. And the best thing is, his entire strategy basically revolves around donking bosses on the head with a giant fucking club.

Meanwhile, you’ve got another person called Recjawjind_fmfb who’s done the opposite with an “all hit run”. Meaning they’re not allowed to dodge, block or even flask. Instead they just take full on meteors to the face without flinching. 

But Ash, what about the people playing with silly controllers? Oh well, don’t you worry. Shadow of the Erdtree’s final boss has been defeated with a saxophone. 

It’s thanks to streamer Dr Decomposing - oh you thought I was going to say Dr Diddyspect didn’t you - don’t worry, you’re safe. Unless you’re Radahn, because this Doctor D has managed to defeat him by programming the game’s various prompts into their corresponding notes.

Now better yet, he’s actually made his Sax make full on Doot noises, making his final battle have the goofiest of soundtracks. 

Perhaps my favourite moment is where he blocks a load of meteors, and accidentally, but beautifully recreates Darude Sandstorm.

But let’s turn it to you - have you completed Shadow of the Erdtree yet? Have you attempted any challenges or speed runs? Let us know down in the comments.