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ESO Necrom: How To Complete A Hidden Fate Quest

Continue to help Leramil the Wise investigate the conspiracy made by Hermaeus Mora's enemies in the "A Hidden Fate" quest for ESO: Necrom.
ESO Necrom: How To Complete A Hidden Fate Quest

After completing the Fate's Proxy quest in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Necrom, you will have uncovered the plot against Hermaeus Mora for investigating Tel Rendys, the Necrom Necropolis, and the Tranquil Catalog. As you will need to continue investigating this conspiracy against Mora, Leramil the Wise will task you with finding out more about "the relic, the rite, and the dream" by speaking with your newest ally, Scruut.

The next Zone Quest, "A Hidden Fate," sees you advancing your investigations into a plot against the Daedric Prince, receiving some assistance from Scruut and Curate Gadayn from the Necropolis. Once again, we've pulled out the quest log to detail everything about A Hidden Fate quest and how to complete it in ESO: Necrom chapter.

How To Complete A Hidden Fate Quest In ESO: Necrom

elder scrolls online quest guide necrom chapter a hidden fate quest log
A Hidden Fate is the next Zone Quest to receive after completing Fate's Proxy. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Onlien Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Players will continue their findings in Apocrypha by starting in Cipher's Midden, which, if you have yet to acquire Azandar Al-Cybiades, you can start his Companion Questline before beginning A Hidden Fate. Players will also gain access to Leramil's study in Cipher's Midden and discover a new location, the Infinite Panopticon, situated within a pocket dimension in Apocrypha.

This location will be pivotal towards your investigations as Hermaeus Mora's enemies seek to uncover "the dream" and its secrets mentioned in the Fate's Proxy quest. Completing this quest will add to the Zone Completion for Apocrypha and the Telvanni Peninsula.

To start the "A Hidden Fate" quest, you'll need to speak to Scruut before finding Leramil the Wise at the Necrom Bindery Balcony. Below we've listed all the quest objectives to be completed for the "A Hidden Fate" quest to help Leramil continue investigating the conspiracy in ESO: Necrom:

elder scrolls online quest guide necrom chapter a hidden fate central orphic tunnels
Locate and prepare three Cairns found across Apocrypha after accessing them through the Central Orphic Tunnels. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios)
  • Talk to Leramil the Wise
  • Meet Leramil at Cipher's Midden
    • Talk to Leramil the Wise
  • Search the Stacks
    • Take the Book
    • Talk to Scruut
  • Return to Leramil the Wise
  • Prepare the Cairns (access through the Central Orphic Tunnels)
    • near the Skyshard east of the Apogee Nadir Wayshrine
    • nearby the Apogee Nadir Wayshrine
    • east of the Study of the Lost Cipher
  • Return to Leramil's Study
  • Find the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon (found nearby Chhtonic Landing, west of Feral Gallery Wayshrine)
    • Talk to Leramil the Wise
  • Enter the Infinite Panopticon
  • Explore the Infinite Panopticon
    • Clear the Corruption
    • Talk to Leramil the Wise
  • Locate the Fulcrum Obscura
    • Distract the Guardian Gaze
    • Continue locating the Fulcrum Obscura
    • Continue exploring the Infinite Panopticon
  • Follow Torvesard and Blightcrown
  • Reach the Eye of Mora
  • Enter the Eye of Mora
    • Talk to Torvesard
    • Find Torvesard
  • Defend Yourself
  • Talk to Hermaeus Mora
  • Return to Leramil's Study
    • Talk to Leramil the Wise

Once you've completed this quest, remain in Cipher's Midden and speak with Leramil before heading out to Necrom City to speak with Curate Gadayn, leading you to the next quest. Lastly, this quest will reward you with the Apocryphal Investigator Achievement and unlock the Head Marking: Abyssal Cephaliarch's Face Art cosmetic for its completion.