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ESO Necrom: Azandar Al-Cybiades Companion Location & Quest Guide

The acclaimed Arcanist, Azandar Al-Cybiades, is a new ESO: Necrom companion to recruit and his talents are found somewhere in Apocrypha.
ESO Necrom: Azandar Al-Cybiades Companion Location & Quest Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Necrom chapter brings two more companions for players to locate and add to their collection. The brilliant Arcanist, Azandar Al-Cybiades, is one of two new companions whom players can begin searching for.

Before unlocking the character, you’ll need to find his current location and start his companion quest to add and level him up. This guide details how to find Azandar Al-Cybiades and how to complete his companion quest in ESO: Necrom.

Where To Find Azandar Al-Cybiades In ESO: Necrom?

As one of two new companions in the Necrom chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online, Azandar is a “brash-yet-brilliant Arcanist” with great renown amongst fellow Academics. Boasting excellent arcane knowledge with a larger-than-life personality, players can recruit Azandar if they know where to find him.

This character will become available to you after completing his character quest. He can be found in Apocrypha, along with his quest. To access Apocrypha, you’ll need to have the Necrom chapter installed before traveling to the Telvanni Peninsula to locate the portal on the northern side of Necrom City.

Find the Necrom Wayshrine, head east towards the vendors, and seek out a well-hidden path leading you to the Necrom Bindery area. Here, you can use the portal to the right to travel to the Endless Library in Apocrypha and start finding Azandar near the border of the Cipher’s Midden settlement.

Look for a bridge away from the settlement, and you’ll be able to find Azandar before it. He won’t be available as your companion immediately, as you’ll need to complete his companion quest first. 

How To Complete Azandar’s The Fateweaver Key Quest In ESO: Necrom?

The Fateweaver Key is Azandar’s companion quest; once finding him, you’ll need to set it to active and follow the quest objectives to complete. Below, we've listed all the companion quest objectives in order to help you complete Azandar’s companion quest:

the elder scrolls online companion guide azandar al cybiades how to get complete quest
After completing a series of objectives, you can meet Azandar at his lodgings to complete the quest. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)
  • Meet Azandar at the center of Cipher's Midden
  • Find the book with Azandar
  • Chase the Tomeshell
  • Take the book
  • Find a Seeker Talon
  • Search for Tomedust from a Daedric Spell (located inside the Ciphers Expungatory)
  • Meet Azandar at the Ritual Altar
  • Talk to Azandar
  • Present Expunged Tomedust
  • Offer Seeker Talon
  • Pour over the Ichor
  • Talk to Tem, the Omen of Destiny
  • Meet Azandar at the Underweave
    • Talk to Azandar
  • Enter the Underweave
  • Talk to Azandar
  • Find Martina's Sanctum in the Heart
  • Search Martina's Sanctum
  • Talk to Azandar
  • Meet Azandar at His Cipher Midden Chambers
  • Talk to Azandar
  • Help Aznadar with a Fate Scrying Ritual
  • Meet Azandar near Fathoms Drift
    • Talk to Azandar 
  • Search for a Frayed Fate in Fathoms Drift Delve
  • Observe Aznadar's Frayed Fate
  • Help Azandar Seal his Frayed Fate
    • Talk to Azandar
  • Meet Azandar at His Cipher Midden Chambers
    • Talk to Azandar

After completing the last objective, return to where you found Azandar to complete the quest. Doing so unlocks him as a companion and awards you Gold. To access his subsequent companion quests, you'll need to increase your rapport with Azandar which can be achieved by summoning him and completing specific tasks to earn XP.

These tasks include doing his companion quest, a Daily Enchanting Master Writ, Visiting Brass Fortress, Coldharbour, Fargrave, and The Hollow City, and making tea. Increasing your favor will make Azandar more favorable towards you while unlocking his companion quests, as finishing all his quests awards you the Achievement, Azandar’s Companion.