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ESO Battegrounds: How To Join, Earn Points & Rewards

There are plenty of bloody encounters to join in ESO, including the smaller PvP challenge — Battlegrounds. Here's everything you need to know.
ESO Battegrounds: How To Join, Earn Points & Rewards

The Elder Scrolls Online has plenty of PvE and PvP activities for players to join and earn rewards for participating and winning. While Group PvE Challenges like dungeons and World Boss Events will heavily require a larger group of players, there are PvP game modes that everyone, including solo players, can enjoy.

Battlegrounds is this PvP game mode that can be enjoyed alone or with randomized players or friends, and is an effective way to earn Alliance Points and unique rewards. This guide details how to join, earn points and rewards for the Battlegrounds PvP mode for The Elder Scrolls Online.

What Are Battlegrounds In The Elder Scrolls Online?

Battlegrounds is one of the many PvP activities developer ZeniMax Online Studios launched with the Morrowind Chapter. This game mode is vastly different than Alliance War, where Alliances are not bound to this game mode as you’ll be fighting for the honor of one of three factions: Pit Daemons, Fire Drakes, or Storm Lords.

elder scrolls online pvp guide battlegrounds explained factions pit daemons fire drakes storm lords
Players can battle for glory in Battlegrounds by choosing between one of three factions: Fire Drakes, Pit Daemons, or Storm Lords. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

This PvP activity is a smaller challenge compared to the Alliance War and Duels, where you can join teams of four players and compete against two other teams. When competing in a Battlegrounds encounter, there are three game types that teams can participate in.

Capture the Relic is ESO’s variation on the Capture the Flag event, where teams must find and claim enemy relics within an arena and bring them back to their base. Dominion sees your team battling against other teams by capturing marked locations and defending them against opposing teams to win.

Team Deathmatch is pretty straightforward, as you’ll have to defeat all enemy players to win. Each game type will either have you scoring the most points to win a match or reach the required points first to secure the victory.

How To Join A Battlegrounds Match In The Elder Scrolls Online

Players looking to participate in one of the Battlegrounds game types must have the Morrowind Chapter to access this game mode. Additionally, you’ll need to have a Level 10 ranking, and you’ll receive an in-game mail invitation to Cyrodiil which starts its related quest, “For Glory,” by traveling to Vivec City in Vvardenfell.

elder scrolls online pvp guide battlegrounds how to join unlock morrowind chapter
You're required to have a Level 10 ranking and own the Morrowind Chapter for ESO. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

You must speak to Battlemaster Rivyn and complete the quest by participating in your first Battlegrounds match. From there, this permanently unlocks Battlegrounds, and you can pick up repeatable quests from Rivyn.

Another way of joining Battlegrounds matches is by heading to the Group & Activity Finder menu and scrolling down to Battlegrounds. You can queue for solos or teams, select between level ranges to be matched up with, and confirm if you’re ready to begin.

As you enter the Battlegrounds, all characters are “battle-leveled,” like with Alliance War, so all players participating are at the same level. Players will spawn at their team’s starting point; if they die, they will return here with a cooldown period of around 20 seconds.

elder scrolls online pvp guide battlegrounds how to join solo teams queue
You can join a Battlegrounds match either as a solo player or join a team of three other players. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

You can resurrect your teammates should they be eliminated, and they can resurrect you, but if not, you will respawn at the starting point. Players can use their environments to provide creative ways of eliminating opposing players. You can also utilize them to hide away from enemy teams and catch them off-guard by attacking them when they can’t see it.

How Does The Battlegrounds Points System Work In The Elder Scrolls Online?

You can win a Battlegrounds match in various ways, such as meeting the required points or reaching the points limit first. These points can be earned by eliminating players or capturing and defending objectives.

Likewise, you can also earn points by performing specific actions when eliminating players or helping out your teammates. This includes inflicting damage, healing players, launching critical hits, earning kill streaks, taking enemy damage, and healing flag defenders and capturers, which adds to your Alliance Points (AP), XP, and more.

What Are The Battlegrounds Rewards For The Elder Scrolls Online?

elder scrolls online pvp guide battlegrounds how to earn rewards points system
You can accumulate points by defeating players, capturing locations, and healing teammates. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

The points accumulated in these matches not only add to the overall points earned but will contribute to what rewards you can get when the match ends. Participating in a Battlegrounds match will reward you with Alliance Points (AP), which can be boosted using the Colovian War Torte consumable.

Additionally, you will receive a Battlegrounds Reward Box which you can receive a randomized gear item. If you’ve queued for Battlegrounds Dailies, you can receive a Transmute Stone, but should you win, you can gain four Transmute Stones.

Speaking of winning, the first-placed team will be rewarded with 12, 000 AP and Champion’s Reward, the second place will be awarded 10,000 AP, and the third (or last) place gets 7,250 AP. There’s also the chance to receive a Style page for the Pit Daemons, Fire Drakes, or Storm Lords.