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ESO Explorer’s Celebration Event Returns With Double Gold, XP Rewards

It's time to get rich quickly as the Explorer's Celebration event returns to The Elder Scrolls Online, which will be available for a limited period.
ESO Explorer’s Celebration Event Returns With Double Gold, XP Rewards
(Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Developer ZeniMax Online Studios is gearing up for the global release of the next expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), the Gold Road chapter, in June 2024. However, ahead of the Gold Road chapter launch, the developer announced the return of its reward-boosting event, the Explorer's Celebration.

This was announced in a blog post on 23rd May 2024, in which the developer outlined its event schedule, rewards, and how to earn those rewards. Unfortunately, this in-game event is available for a limited time, so log into the game and start earning double rewards in ESO.

The Explorer's Celebration event has returned with double rewards to be earned through gameplay content. The in-game event is currently live in ESO as of 23rd May 2024, for which they have a limited period to earn these bonus rewards when the event concludes on 28th May 2024 at 7 am PT / 10 am ET / 4 pm UTC.

According to the announcement post, players can earn unique bonus rewards throughout the event, including increased harvest node drops, but it excludes fishing and creature drops like leather. However, the biggest rewards on offer are the 100% XP gains from every available source, which stack with XP-boosting items like the Crown Experience Scrolls.

Alongside the double XP, players can also earn double Gold, 100% of which can be acquired from "monster kills, quest rewards, and similar sources." Furthermore, these bonus drops, XP, and Gold earnings are available across all zones, including the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha, but it does exclude the West Weald zone as this will only be available at the launch of the Gold Road chapter, and it's currently available on the Public Test Server (PTS).