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ESO Gold Road: All West Weald Delve Locations

Locate and explore the new Delves to earn rewards and unlock associated Achievements, so here's where to find them in ESO: Gold Road.
ESO Gold Road: All West Weald Delve Locations
(Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

To be battle-ready means to be battle-tested, even for the most inexperienced players, when exploring the West Weald region in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Gold Road. This latest chapter for the acclaimed MMO adds brand new story and combat content for players to enjoy and uncover, including the new Delves available in-game.

These Delves can be done as a solo player or together with friends and other players, but where can they be found? We've explored Skingrad and West Weald to help them find all the Delve locations in ESO: Gold Road.

Where To Find All West Weald Delve Locations In ESO: Gold Road?

The Gold Road chapter is officially live on the megaservers for PC and Mac players dropping into the West Weald region to explore the new location and content. While console players must wait until 18th June 2024 to experience the vibrancy of Skingrad and the West Weald region, PC and Mac players can begin their new open-world adventures by exploring the region or battle-testing themselves in clearing out the Delves.

We've carefully marked out the locations of the six Delves available to locate and explore in ESO: Gold Road. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Specifically for the Gold Road chapter, six unique Delves players can locate and begin clearing out to find various loot and other rewards. These Delevs can be completed as a solo player or co-op with friends or other players on the server, and they can be accessed at any time.

There's also a unique named Boss to be found somewhere inside the Delve, which, upon defeat, will drop Gear sets. Let's look at all the Delevs to be discovered and cleared in ESO: Gold Road and where to find them:

Fort Colovia Delve

Starting from the northern section of West Weald, the Fort Colovia Delve is one of the few in this area. This Delve can be found east of the Valente Vineyards Wayshrine by walking along the path away from the Wayshrine and going off-path to their right, where the Delve's entrance can be seen.

A Skyshard can be discovered inside the Delve, granting players a Skill Point once they've interacted with the Skyshard. Around the area of the Fort Colovia Delve is the West Weald Pre-Purchase Treasure Map 1 chest location and the Colovia Mirrormoor Incursion Mosaic.

Legion's Rest Delve

Moving south from the Valente Vineyards Wayshrine, players can find the North Hook Wayshrine, and should they stick to the path, they'll find the next Delve. Just before the Rock Bottom Striking Locale is the Legion's Rest Delve, which they can step inside to explore this location.

According to in-game lore, this Delve was regarded as a "safe haven" by local caravans embarking on long-distance trips to and from Skingrad to their next or final destination. Likewise, another Skyshard can be found inside the Delve to gain a Skill Point before continuing their open-world adventures.

Haldain Lumber Camp Delve

Going off the beaten track to the following Delve location, from the Legion's Rest Delve, continue heading south until they've located Skingrad City. Pass through the city until they find Skingrad City, head south to its exit, and follow the path heading straight.

They should find the Rustwall Estate ahead before wrapping around the estate, turning right towards the Trader's Luck Wayshrine, and crossing the bridge as they move towards the Silorn Public Dungeon.

Moving west of the dungeon, off the path heading in this direction, they'll find the Haldain Lumber Camp Delve. If they explore the Delve, they can also find another Skyshard before returning to the overworld.

Fyrelight Cave Delve

Find their way back on the path or cross the Strid River to reach the Wildburn's Edge area, as they can head north until they've located the Wildburn's Edge Wayshrine. After activating the Wayshrine, move west along the path until they find the Ostumir Wayshrine, and just behind it is yet another Delve.

Do tread carefully when approaching the Fyrelight Cave Delve as a World Boss is found within the surroundings, which could lead players to an ill-prepared battle. If they do opt to head inside the Delve and explore what loot can be found, keep an eye out for a Skyshard, also located here.

Nonungalo Delve

Once they've found their way back onto the path by the Ostumir Wayshrine, continue down the path in a western direction until reaching the T-zone. Head north by making a right turn and follow the path, passing by the Vashabar Wayshrine and the Eaglerock Ruins Striking Locale until they've found a burned field.

Move adjacent from the path, where they'll find a Skyshard along the way, which should lead them toward the Nonungalo Delve. Another Sksyshard and plenty of loot drops are up for grabs should they decide to explore the Delve, or they can clear it at another time.

Varen's Watch Delve

The final Delve located on the western section of the West Weald region, the Varen's Watch Delve can be found within the vicinity by marking out several Points of Interest (POIs). After finding the Nonungalo Delve, find a way back onto the path until the Three Points Wayshrine is found, and they can head west as they pass the Centurion's Watch and Sutch Wayshrines.

Once they've located the Sutch Wayshrine, they move a little further down the path, heading west, before looking out for a fortress in the distance on their right side. This is how they'll find the Varen's Watch Delve, and exploring and clearing the Delve can lead them to the Skyshard that can be found here.

Exploring and clearing all six Delves will unlock the Delve's related cave Explorer Achievement. Likewise, discovering and clearing all six Delves will help players complete and unlock the Gold Road Cave Delver Achievement for their efforts.