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ESO Gold Road: All West Weald Skyshard Locations

The golden road has led players to the West Weald region and there are more Skyshards to find as detailed in this guide for ESO: Gold Road.
ESO Gold Road: All West Weald Skyshard Locations
(Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Skyshards are a type of collectible in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) that can be discovered in-game through multiple means. Some Skyshards can be found through open-world exploration, during quests, and by clearing Delves and Public Dungeons.

The Gold Road chapter has several Skyshards, located above and underground, for players to discover during their stay in the West Weald region. This guide carefully details the clues and all the locations where you can find these Skyshards in the ESO Gold Road chapter.

Where To Find All West Weald Skyshard Locations In ESO: Gold Road?

Once players arrive in the West Weald region, specifically at the Skingrad Vineyards Wayshrine, they can begin exploring it, unlocking new locations, and completing quests and other available activities. Speaking of these available activities, new exploration adventures await them in West Weald, as there are 18 Skyshards scattered throughout this region to locate and use.

Skyshards can be found above and below ground, with some slightly tricky to locate. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

These 18 Skyshards can be located in the overworld and underground as eight Skyshards are situated inside Delves and Public Dungeons, and the remaining ten are through exploration. Each Skyshard provides a clue as to where they can be found, and as such, we've detailed them all below:

ESO Gold Road: All West Weald Skyshard Clues And Locations
  • Clue: "Carted to the top of the battlements at Fort Colovia."
    • Location: The Fort Colovia Delve is east of the Valente Vineyard Wayshrine. To find this Skyshard, they go down the corridor following the lake before winding upwards and continuing the path ahead.
    • Once they've reached an open area, they go straight into another open space before wrapping to the right side and making a right turn. Following this path will lead to a rooftop-like area, where the Skyshard can be found nearby.
  • Clue: "Wedged in a stump at Deserter's Lagoon."
    • Location: Near a Crafting Set station at Deserter's Lagoon. This Skyshard is an overworld one and relatively easy to find, but they must have discovered the Valente Vineyard Wayshrine.
    • From this Wayshrine, head slightly southwest away, where they'll approach a deserter's camp. Watch out for the enemies found here, but look for a tiny island at its center with a tree and dock nearby, as the Skyshard is found on this island.
  • Clue: "On a platform overlooking the Legion's Rest central cavern."
    • Location: Inside the Legion's Rest Delve. This Skyshard is slightly easier to locate but still requires some maneuverability to find it eventually.
    • From the entrance of this Delve, head straight down the corridor until the end and turn left before following the path. This path will lead them into an open area heading north, where they must climb up the platforms to reach the next area where they can see the Skyshard above.
    • To access the Skyshard, head straight towards an enclosed area before heading left, where wrapping around the corridor will bring them to the Skyshard's location. Approach the edge where the Skyshard is tucked away before retracing their steps to find the entrance.
  • Clue: "Up top on Rock Bottom."
    • Location: Located atop the cliff at Rock Bottom Striking Locale. From the Valente Vineyard Wayshrine, head south by following the path until they discover North Hook Wayshrine.
    • Continue going south down the path from the North Hook Wayshrine, passing Legion's Rest Delve, and on the opposite side is the Rock Bottom Striking Locale. Head up this locale and look for a cliff near a tree where a Skyshard can be located.
  • Clue: "Resting on Silorn treasures down a blind alley in the north."
    • Location: Found inside the Silorn Public Dungeon east of West Weald near the Silorn Mirrormoor Incursion Mosaic.
    • After finding the Skingrad castle bridge, Skyshard moves south under the bridge until a path can be seen and goes left until they find the Trader's Luck Wayshrine on their left to activate. Keep following this path until they find the Silorn Public Dungeon, which they can enter.
    • At the entrance, make a left turn after a few steps and keep going straight ahead until they reach a curve, taking them into the area. Move across this space and take the exit to the right before taking the first right turn to keep going forward.
    • Find the right exit and follow the path before moving left and looking to their right. They can find the next Skyshard in the alley before returning to the entrance.
  • Clue: "South at Haldain Lumber Camp, beneath Ayleid boughs."
  • Location: Found at the Haldain Lumber Camp Delve far west of the Silorn Public Dungeon. This open space Delve should be manageable for all players, but knowing which route to follow will lead them to this Skyshard.
    • Upon entering the Delve, follow the path going east for some time until a corner is approached, where players can continue in a southern direction. Take the right path before turning right until they reach a fork in the path, where they can head straight, left, or right, but we advise going straight ahead.
    • Continue moving forward through the area, back onto the path, and make a left turn. This path will direct them to the Skyshard, and they can retrace their steps back to the entrance.
  • Clue: "On the steps of a vineyard near wildburn's edge."
    • Location: Northwest of the Wildburn's Edge Wayshrine by the vineyard doorstep. After locating the Skingrad castle bridge Skyshard, they find their way back into Skingrad City, where they can find the southernmost exit by the furnishing store and a quest NPC.
    • They can quickly travel to the Skingrad Vineyards Wayshrine and enter Skinyard City through the nearest castle door. Activate the Skingrad City Wayshrine in the city square, and from this location, turn left and walk down the street before turning right.
    • Make a quick left turn and pass by the cemetery, where, to their right, look for the entrance to the Skingrad Outlaw's Refuge. Head inside and make their way through this area to find the exit, which brings them to the castle bridge and all that's left is to climb up the gorge and find the Skyshard.
  • Clue: "On the steps of a vineyard near wildburn's edge."
    • Location: Northwest of the Wildburn's Edge Wayshrine by the vineyard doorstep. After locating the previous Skyshard, they find their way back into Skingrad City, where they can find the southernmost exit by the furnishing store and a quest NPC.
    • Once they've exited Skingrad City, they should head down towards a bridge and activate the Wildburn's Edge Wayshrine before going northeast towards a burned vineyard. Look for a vineyard building beyond a well where this Skyshard can be seen.
    • Clue: "On a wildgrown bridge high above a Fyrelight stream."
      Location: Inside the Fyrelight Cave Delve. En route to the Ostumir Wayshrine, they'll pass the Fyrelight Cave Delve, where they must head inside to find the next Skyshard.
    • Stick to the right side of the walls from the entrance to help navigate this cavernous area. Head north before turning left, wrapping around the circle, turning right, and continuing north.
    • At the crossroads, they can keep moving north to the end before making a left turn and following the path winding down before making a right turn. Move south, where an underground lake can be found in this area, and a Skyshard not far from the lake before returning to the entrance to exit the Delve.
  • Clue: "Where Ayleids once looked down upon the river Strid."
    • Location: Southwest of Ostumir towards the Strid River. Return to the Wildburn's Edge Wayshrine and follow the path heading southwest until they find the Ostumir Wayshrine.
    • Continue this path through Ostumir and move more east towards the river located in this vicinity. They'll find a building hidden among the vines where they can find the Skyshard on a stone platform.
  • Clue: "Atop an overgrown citadel caught in Vashabar's bloom."
    • Location: Inside the citadel east of Vashabar, near the Fyrelight Cave Delve. This Skyshard will require maneuvering as environmental enemies, and creatures are littered throughout this area.
    • From the Ostumir Wayshrine, continue the path heading east until reaching a T-zone, where turning right will lead them to the Vashabar Wayshrine. From this Wayshrine, go west, away from this location, and traverse the fields until they find a citadel where heading up the staircase and exploring the area is how they'll find the next Skyshard.
  • Clue: "Tucked in a cave amid the wildburn beyond Hoperoot."
    • Location: North of the Eaglerock Ruins Striking Locale. From the Vashabar Wayshrine, follow the path heading north, where they'll pass the Ruins Striking Locale to the left and discover the Fall's Path Wayshrine on the right.
    • Proceed north along the path and go slightly off-path, where they must locate a cave tucked amongst the cliffs. Once they've found the cave entrance, noted by camping gear nearby, they head inside to find the Skyshard, and they can loot the items, including a chest within the cave.
  • Clue: "Displayed at a crossroads in Nonungalo's ancient maze."
    • Location: Inside the Nonungalo Delve. It is slightly more straightforward to locate, but once inside the Delve, head in a western direction before taking the first left turn and follow the path into an open space.
    • Continue heading west through the corridor, following the winding path into a new area and making a right turn. At this location, turn left and keep moving along this path to enter a new area before heading north and turning right.
    • Take the second right turn into another area before taking a quick left, taking them to the Skyshard. If they remember the path correctly, they can safely return to the entrance and exit the Delve.
  • Clue: "Gazing down upon wheat fields from Centurion's Rise."
    • Location: Northeast of Centurion's Rise beside the Centurion's Rise Thorntooth World Bosses. From the Nonungalo Delve, head north towards a wheat field where players will stumble across a boss area for a new World Boss.
    • Following the ridge along this area, look forward to a large tree that should indicate players of the Skyshard at the tree's roots. Approach the Skyshad and use it to gain Skill Points before returning to the path.
  • Clue: "In the rubble of a collapsed mine in sight of Leftwheal."
    • Location: Southeast of Leftwheal inside a mine. Once back on the path after using the Centurion's Rise Skyshard, head west, where they'll discover the Three Points and Centurion's Watch Wayshrines, respectively.
    • Head north from the Centurion's Watch Wayshrine, where they'll find the Leftwheal Granary, but slightly ahead of it are cliffs dotting the lake. Look down until they find the mine entrance, where amidst the rubble is the next Skyshard.
  • Clue: "In the maw of a mighty skull. Look up in Leftwheal."
    • Location: Inside the Leftwheal Trading Post Public Dungeon. The second of two Skyshards is located inside a Public Dungeon, and solo players must tread carefully to find this item as several bosses can make this venture more frustrating.
    • The Skyshard is in the northern section of the Public Dungeon, and it's possible to avoid contact with the bosses. The first one can be encountered heading west from the entrance. Pass the quest NPC and head into the corridor beside them before heading up the stairs north and taking the rightmost path to avoid another boss.
    • Sticking to the right side of the dungeon, follow the path until they reach an area where they can view a skull, inside which the Skyshard is located. Make their way, going right and taking the staircase on their first left, before a quick right as they'll spot another quest NPC but quickly maneuver past the boss and find a way inside the skull to find the Skyshard.
  • Clue: "Outside the grate upriver of Varen's Watch."
    • Location: Locate on the eastern side of the Pass Varen's Watch Delve upriver near the grate. Head west from the Centurion's Watch Wayshrine and stay on the path until they discover the Sutch Wayshrine to activate.
    • Move slightly south from the Wayshrine until they find the Varen's Watch Delve, where they must head around the fortress to the east. Look for the river flowing in the area as following it upstream from east to west will guide them to a grate where the Skysahrd rests in the river.
  • Clue: "Pulled to a tower's top on the north bank of Varen's Watch."
    • Location: Inside the Varen's Watch Delve. After finding the previous Skyshard, return to the entrance of the Delve, where, upon entering it, take the first left turn and follow the route before making the next left turn.
    • Wrap around the structures and stick to the left side of the dungeon before moving north until passing through the area here to reach the opposite side. Head to their right and keep along this route until they spot a quest NPC on their right to indicate taking a right turn behind them.
    • Moving through the area and once onto the ground, make a left turn into the tower, where they must find a way to access the top. Once they've achieved this, the final Skyshard awaits players, which they can activate to use and receive a Skill Point.


Once all the Skyshards are located and used to gain Skill points, players will complete a new in-game Achievement, West Weald Skyshard Hunter. As a reward, players will earn the Regeneration Azure Blue Skill Style, as unlocking the Achievement will contribute towards progressing the Savior of West Weald achievement.