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How To Get The Oakensoul Ring In ESO High Isle

The Oakensoul Ring in The Elder Scrolls Online is a brand new Mythic item with some powerful buffs and here's how you can get it.
How To Get The Oakensoul Ring In ESO High Isle

The past few Chapter expansions in The Elder Scrolls Online have introduced new Mythic items that provide massive bonuses and the Oakensoul Ring in High Isle is one of the best this year. Earning new Mythic items can be quite the process though, and there are a lot of prerequisite steps. 

One of those is having the Antiquity system in general leveled up, which is another couple of skill lines introduced with Greymoor. This system is reliant on Leads that bring you to potential locations for your given artifact. Mythic items like the Oakensoul Ring are going to require more than one location before you can claim it.

ESO High Isle - How to get the Oakensoul Ring

Volcanic Vents
Volcanic Vents look like Dolmens on the High Isle map. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)

With any Mythic item such as the Oakensoul Ring in High Isle, there are five pieces that you must unearth before claiming the item. Each of these five pieces will require its own leads that are scattered around the world of Tamriel, so guessing is out of the question.

Luckily, each of the five Leads can be found in very specific locations. However, they are all in different zones and only one of them is found on High Isle itself. These can take time to grind for, but they are consistent as long as you follow the right guidelines. Each Lead location can be found below.

  • Igneous Inlays Lead: High Isle and Amenos - Found by taking out Volcanic Vents
  • Larimar Gems: Stormhaven - Titanclaw World Boss found on the Mudcrab Beach to the southwest.
  • Petrified Oak Loop: Murkmire - Loot strongboxes around Murkmire
  • Sacred Resin: Malabal Tor - Kill monsters around Malabal Tor as a whole
  • Stone Shank Frame: Glenumbra - Harvest Blacksmithing nodes around the map

Keep in mind that each of these Leads will bring you to dig sites on High Isle itself. So once you have the Lead you need, finding the dig site won't be so difficult.

ESO High Isle - Oakensoul Ring stats

Mudcrab Beach
Mythic Leads will take you to places like Stormhaven for the Oakensoul. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)

To utilize the Oakensoul Ring, you'll only need to make sure that one ring slot is open. Of course, this affects the other sets in your build, but the buff provided by one single item is massive in comparison to something like a monster helmet.

Equipping the Oaksoul Ring will remove the ability to swap weapon bars. You will be stuck with your primary weapon and the six abilities on your main bar, which is a huge handicap. However, that handicap comes with a massive boon. Nearly every major stat in the game is given with a Major or Minor designation.

  • Major Berserk
  • Major Brutality
  • Major Courage
  • Major Sorcery
  • Major Prophecy
  • Major Savagery
  • Major Force
  • Major Protection
  • Major Resolve
  • Minor Fortitude
  • Minor Intellect
  • Minor Endurance
  • Minor Heroism

These will not stack with sets bonuses of the same type, but that is a massive amount of stats for wearing a single ring. But in the process, you need to get used to using a single ability bar, which may not be worth it in the end.

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Featured image courtesy of Zenimax Online Studios.