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ESO Necrom Companions: How To Build Rapport With Sharp-As-Night

If you wish to increase your rapport with your newest companion, Sharp-As-Night, complete the activities detailed in this guide for ESO: Necrom.
ESO Necrom Companions: How To Build Rapport With Sharp-As-Night

Sharp-As-Night is one of two new Companions players can acquire by completing the first part of his Companion Quest in the Telvanni Peninsula west from the Necrom City gates. Once you have summoned Sharp-As-Night, you’ll need to increase your favor with him, which, in turn, will grant you specific perks, more dialogue options, and more.

To achieve this, there are various things you can do that he’ll be impressed by but be warned not to frustrate him. We’ve explained how to increase Rapport with Sharp-As-Night and his preferred activities in ESO: Necrom.

How To Gain More Favor With Sharp-As-Night In ESO Necrom?

Like gaining favor or building your Rapport with Azandar Al-Cybiades, you can also increase your approval ratings with Sharp-As-Night when exploring, clearing dungeons, crafting, or visiting Points of Interest. Each time you complete a specific activity, you’ll earn points that increase your Rapport meter; however, engaging in activities he dislikes will do the opposite.

elder scrolls online necrom companions guide sharp as night how to build rapport companion menu
You can view your Rapport Progress by speaking with Sharp-As-Night to access the Companion Menu. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Likewise, these activities can be rewarding as you can acquire Companion Perks and unlock his Companion Quests. These perks can be valuable to your character for exploration, combat, or Zone Quests.

What Are Sharp-As-Night's Rapport Activities In ESO: Necrom?

After players complete the first part of Sharp-As-Night’s Companion Quest, The Double Edge, in the Telvanni Peninsula, you’ll need to build your rapport with him should you wish to continue progressing with his Companion Questline. This can also contribute to your rapport with him significantly; however, there are additional activities that can aid in increasing your favor with him.

Let’s look at all Sharp-As-Night’s liked and disliked activities to do throughout Tamriel in ESO: Necrom courtesy of BerylBones via the official Elder Scrolls Online forums:

elder scrolls online necrom companions guide sharp as night how to build rapport visit vvardenfell
Visiting specific locations can earn Rapport with Sharp-As-Night as long as he's summoned for the journey. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Sharp-As-Night’s Liked Activities:

  • Completing a Sharp-As-Night Companion Quest: +125
  • Completing the Ashlander Hunt Dailies: +125
  • Using a Heavy Sack: +5
  • Visiting Vvardenfell: +5
  • Visiting Blackwood, Hew’s Bane, and Shadowfen: +4
  • Collecting alchemical items: +1
  • Enjoy fishing: +1
  • Located a trophy fish: +1
  • Repairing gear: +1
  • Craft a Poison Consumable: ???

Sharp-As-Night’s Disliked Activities:

  • Paid a guard your Bounty: -10
  • Destroying items with Sell Value from your Inventory: -5
  • Pickpocket beggars: -5
  • Using an Outfit Crating Station: -1
  • Having broken gear: ???

Once you’ve gained favor with Sharp-As-Night, this will unlock Darkest Before the Dawn Achievement. Additionally, you can receive Sharp’s Handmade Fishing Lure as a reward for unlocking this Achievement.