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The Elder Scrolls Online Twitch Drops: How To Claim Rewards

The latest chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online introduces a treasure trove of new Twitch Drops rewards to earn by watching your favorite stream.
The Elder Scrolls Online Twitch Drops: How To Claim Rewards

The province of Morrowind is back in the spotlight in the latest Elder Scrolls Online chapter, Necrom, as players look to uncover the secrets of Apocrypha that threaten the stronghold of Hermaeus Mora, the Prince of Knowledge. The return to Morrowind is a welcoming addition for ESO players, adding brand new content like dungeons, World Events, Classes, and plenty of mounts, pets, homes, and furnishings.

While players can earn these items in-game through progression or purchasing from the Crown Store, a few can be obtained from the latest Twitch Drops. So, we've detailed all the latest Twitch Drop rewards and how to get them for ESO: Necrom.

Latest Twitch Drops Rewards For The Elder Scrolls Online (June 2023)

The Necrom chapter is now available for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) on PC and Mac, and to celebrate the launch, ZeniMax Online Studios are enabling new Twitch Drops. These rewards are great for players to earn exclusive items by watching their favorite ESO streamers who have enabled Twitch Drops for their livestreams.

The latest Twitch Drop rewards enabled for the ESO: Necrom chapter can be obtained by watching the livestream of a participating Stream Team member during its launch week from 5th to 11th June 2023, according to its schedule. Viewers can stand to earn ESO: Necrom chapter game codes for PC or Mac, the Music Box: Unfathomable Knowledge furnishing item and Hunting Achievements and Collectibles just to name.

Additionally, you could earn either the Senche of Scarlet Regret mount or the Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret pet just by watching. For the complete list of participating Stream Team members in English and other supported languages, you can check the list here and start watching a livestream to acquire any of these rewards.

How To Claim Twitch Drop Rewards For The Elder Scrolls Online?

According to the official ESO FAQ page, ZeniMax Online Studios outlined the exact method for how players can acquire Twitch Drops. Players eligible for these Twitch Drops must link their Twitch and ESO accounts by following the steps we've provided below:

the elder scrolls online features guide twitch drops how to claim linked accounts
Locate the Linked Accounts setting to start connecting your Twitch and ESO accounts. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)
  1. Sign into your ESO account on the ESO login page here.
  2. Navigate to the Accounts section and locate the Linked Accounts tab.
  3. From the options provided, click the Twitch button for the pop-up window to appear.
    1. If you're not currently signed into Twitch, you'll need to log in; however, if you don't have the email address linked to your Twitch account, you may need to add one.
  4. To approve your Twitch account, click the "Authorize" button to complete the process.
  5. You may need to redo the process if you have changed your Twitch password.

Should you incur any issues linking your Twitch and ESO accounts, you can resolve them by unlinking your Twitch and ESO accounts, signing out of your Twitch and ESO accounts, closing your dedicated web browser, and restarting your PC. You should be able to access your ESO account and start linking your Twitch account; however, if the issue remains unsolved, you can contact Twitch Customer Support for further assistance.