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ESO Gold Road: All Mirrormoor Incursions World Event Rewards

Push back the Daedric Ritualists and their Champions in the Mirrormoor Incursions World Event to earn unique rewards for ESO: Gold Road.
ESO Gold Road: All Mirrormoor Incursions World Event Rewards
(Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

The forthcoming expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), the Gold Road chapter, sees players exploring the areas of the Colovian region of West Weald. This DLC features a brand-new storyline with new Zone quests that continue from the Necrom chapter, a new Scribing feature, the Lucent Citadel Trial event, and a new World Event.

This World Event, the Mirrormoor Incursions, is a Group activity that, once completed, can see them earn a myriad of rewards, including Skill Styles. Repel the Daedric forces to earn some amazing rewards as detailed in this guide for ESO Gold Road's Mirrormoor Incursions World Event.

All Mirrormoor Incursions World Event Rewards In ESO Gold Road

Mirrormoor Incursions is the brand new World Event that players can participate in and experience as it will be available with the Gold Road chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Like previous World Events, these large-scale activities will occur at fixed or static locations within the West Weald zone, specifically for the Mirrormoor Incursions.

With the Mirrormoor Incursions World Event being a Group activity, players can team up with friends or randomly join other players online to locate the sites and challenge the enemies that await them. According to the official Preview post for the Mirrormoor Incursions, powerful forces from the mysterious realm are attempting to spread their influence across West Weald and infiltrate the land."

As key figures are positioned at specific Incursion sites working together to perform a ritual, players must disrupt it and defeat these enemies "and their champion." Furthermore, the developer noted that only three locations will remain fixed, and the remaining sites are randomized; we cannot confirm the locations of these Incursion sites, which we'll update this guide once we've determined their in-game locations.

In terms of the rewards on hand, once players have defeated these Daedric ritualists and their champions, they earn various items, including new item sets and collectibles. These also include rewards earned from completing Achievements during the Mirrormoor Incursions World Event, like the Mirrormoor Incursion Disruptor achievement, which awards them a Skill Style.

Players can earn unique Skill Styles by completing Achievements linked to the Mirrormoor Incursions World Event. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Let's look at some of the confirmed rewards that players can earn from the Mirrormoor Incursions World Event for the ESO Gold Road Chapter, as revealed in the official Preview post and the Gold Road PTS Patch Notes:

  • Complete the Glass Sky Defender Achievement to earn a Skill Style for the Reverse Slask skill and an outfit style from the Nantharion's Regalia set
  • Complete the Mirrormoor Incursion Disruptor Achievement to earn a Skill Style for the Warhorn skill

Lastly, completing Achievements and activities for the Mirrormoor Incursions World Event will aid in the progression of West Weald Achievements. Completing these Achievements can help players unlock rewards, including the Wildburn Lynx mount, card fragments for the Saint Alessia patron and deck, and remaining outfit styles for the Nantharion's Regalia set.