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ESO Weekly Endeavors: All Available Tasks This Week

Players can earn Seals of Endeavor by completing Daily and Weekly Endeavor tasks, to put towards specific rewards in the ESO Crown Store. Here are all of the available Endeavors this week.
ESO Weekly Endeavors: All Available Tasks This Week

Introduced back in 2021, Endeavors are a system that offers limited-time activities across Tamriel with rewards of a specific currency, Seals of Endeavor. These can be used to purchase any item currently available within the Crown Store, giving players a way to purchase Premium items in Elder Scrolls Online without having to spend money on Crowns.

Earning enough Seals of Endeavor to make a purchase in the Crown Store will take some time, however, as they can only be earned through completing specific Endeavors. These Endeavors (tasks) come in two groups: Daily Endeavors and Weekly Endeavors. For Daily Endeavors, players will receive a list of five tasks, of which they can complete three per day. As for Weekly Endeavors, players get a choice of three tasks, of which they can complete one

How To Earn Seals of Endeavor In ESO

Completing Endeavors automatically rewards players with Seals of Endeavor but, given that there's only a set amount of Endeavors that can be completed each day/week, they can take a while to save up. Each Endeavor will reward a set amount of Seals and, occassionally, XP, Gold, Transmute Crystals or Tel Var Stones. The amount of Seals earned in a Weekly Endeavor ranges, too. Players can earn anywhere from 160 Seals of Endeavor to 400. 

But in order to earn Seals of Endeavor, you'll need to know which Weekly Endeavors are currently active. Below, we'll list the available tasks for this week in ESO.

Which Weekly Endeavors Are Available This Week In ESO?

Players might need to kill Group Bosses or complete Trials for a Weekly Endeavor. (Picture: Bethesda)

Weekly Endeavors can take the form of a variety of tasks, usually more difficult or lengthy than their Daily counterparts. Possible Weekly Endeavors include killing 30 Dragons, stealing 90 items, or harvesting 80 resources. Here are the three Weekly Endeavors available this week:

Weekly Endeavor Seals of Endeavor Reward
Afflict 150 Enemies with Weapon Poisons 225
Complete 25 Quests 225
Earn 1500 Tel Var Stones Through Kills and Rewards 225

Weekly Endeavors reset alongside Leaderboards, which depends on your server. For the NA Megaserver, these will end on  Monday, 6 p.m. ET/10 p.m. UTC. For the EU Megaserver, these will end on Monday, 3 p.m. UTC/4 p.m. BST.