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Enshrouded Roadmap 2024: When is the next update?

While the Flameborn dive into Early Access, we look at the Enshrouded roadmap and what future updates could bring.
Enshrouded Roadmap 2024: When is the next update?
GINX/Patches Chance

With it fast becoming a favorite among survival game players, many are already looking for an Enshrouded roadmap of future updates and features that could be on the way. Devs have shown an early commitment to remedying bug fixes, and that's already led to a handful of updates soon after launch.

Here, we'll take a look at everything we know so far from developers about the Enshrouded roadmap. From major feature additions to quality of life updates, there's plenty on the table as Enshrouded works its way towards a worldwide launch.

Updated February 26: While no official roadmap is out, Enshrouded Update Patch #2 has deployed with more bug fixes. We've got more details here on those changes and an upcoming fix planned for the "60Hz display rate" issue some players are facing. 

Enshrouded Roadmap & Latest News

Screenshot _29014_

While a more concrete Enshrouded roadmap with a schedule of future updates hasn't yet been revealed, developers have stressed it is on the agenda. They confirmed around launch that a roadmap is being worked on internally, but as of now "all major issues (crashes and consorts)" will be the focus before they dedicate more time to new features.

The Enshrouded roadmap could be released as soon as Wednesday, February 7, 2024, as they suggested one could arrive two weeks after the launch of Early Access, but it could easily be pushed back if additional work is needed to fix the existing game before changes are announced.

Enshrouded is targeted to leave Early Access by the end of 2024, and a full launch is expected to include a release on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. As of now, players can still get plenty out of the Early Access version available on PC while work continues on any potential Enshrouded updates.

What new features are coming to Enshrouded?

Screenshot _29010_.png (1

Enshrouded devs have not yet confirmed much about what's on the way, but they recently did reveal that server admin settings are on deck for an early update. Devs had to warn Enshrouded players to password protect public servers, but additional settings should allow more control in the future.

If you've got ideas in mind for how Enshrouded can be improved, players are encourged to check out the Enshrouded Feedback Board at this link. Thousands of votes from players about existing suggestions have pushed for a player-based quest progression option, a weather system, life skill progression, livestock, and more.

While none of these features have been confirmed or announced just yet, developers are listening to player feedback and looking to continue improving Enshrouded in the coming months. In the meantime, their priority looks to still be bug fixes and stability improvements before an Enshrouded roadmap can go on the table.