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How to Get Twigs and Wood Logs in Enshrouded

For most building and crafting in Enshrouded, you'll need plenty of wood logs and twigs.
How to Get Twigs and Wood Logs in Enshrouded
GINX/Patches Chance

When you first get moving through the world of Enshrouded, wood logs and twigs will be a crucial resource. You won't just need them early, as these remain resources used heavily in building and crafting long-term that you'll have to continue gathering. Fortunately, there are several different ways to gather both wood logs and twigs in the first areas of Enshrouded.

How to Gather Wood Logs and Twigs in Enshrouded

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Wood logs and twigs go hand in hand partly because they can both be found by harvesting trees. However, different trees and bushes tend to net one or the other in higher quantities. Wood logs may be the easiest to find early on, and that's a good thing as they're necessary for the majority of your early building materials.

You can gather wood logs by destroying trees anywhere except the shroud, as those trees will net you shroud wood instead of wood logs. Using an axe is most effective, but a hatchet or other weapons will still work. Fortunately, most existing items and decorations around Enshrouded are also breakable.

When you're exploring early regions like Longkeep, all the barrels and tables you spot can be broken. Use your hatchet or another weapon to deal some damage, and they'll quickly shatter and drop some materials on the ground. You'll get some twigs this way and from trees as well, but it's not the most effective way.

As shown in the image above, bushes without leaves are scattered around areas both near and away from the shroud. You can simply collect these and should get some twigs. Those with leaves will likely net you more plant fiber, but can drop twigs as well.

If you prefer to gather twigs by targeting trees, they seem more likely to drop from larger trees than smaller ones so far. For players looking to work on large projects, make a habit of spotting bushes when you're exploring and keeping an axe handy so you're ready to truly build something special in Enshrouded.