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Personalities you need to follow to find a job in esports

Here are the esports personalities that can give you a wealth of insight into the industry. Their knowledge could one day help you find a job in esports.
Personalities you need to follow to find a job in esports
Only the people at the top of their field can really make and sustain a living out of esports, even though this is improving each year. Simply put, finding a job in esports, and breaking into the industry, can be difficult.

Various levels of education will help, with an example of an esports journalist who also has a degree in journalism. Then, there are also helpful social media accounts to follow, such as VGJobs and Freelance Writing. If you want to work in a specific field or for a specific team, then you should always keep a (red)eye on their social media and LinkedIn profiles.

There are also personalities you can follow to help you find a job in esports. These aren't necessarily (they can be) a direct line to a job but they do provide insight and intricate details about the industry.

Some of them talk about how they got into esports, while others share their thoughts on the scene, and where it is heading. Armed with the knowledge these esports personalities can provide, it might just become a little bit less daunting to find a job in esports.

Paul ReDeYe Chaloner

Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner is a British commentator, broadcaster, host, and absolute legend. He is, therefore, our top pick in this list and a great example of the type of personalities you should follow to gain more insight.

Paul, quite literally, wrote the book on esports. It is called "This is esports (and How to Spell it)", dubbed "An Insider’s Guide to the World of Pro Gaming". The book is published by Bloomsbury and released on 28 May 2019.

Via, Paul spoke about finding a job in esports, saying: "If you are passionate about a particular game and you understand it enough, and you feel you can put your opinion into it, then absolutely, go out and do it.

"I think esports is a very low entry-level industry, which is one of its greatest attributes if you like.

"It’s because anyone can come along and give it a go, and if you’re good enough, you’re likely to get noticed quite quickly, because the talent pool is relatively shallow in comparison to the world of TVs or movies or sport." 

Make sure you follow Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner on Twitter. 

Other personalities to follow for a job in esports

Keep in mind that we are not advising you DM these esports personalities. Instead, you should keep an eye on their social media as they can provide a wealth of knowledge about the industry, and maybe the knowledge gained can one day lead to a job in esports.

There's always a chance that some of them might post job listings or talent searches.