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Retweet challenge forces 100T Nadeshot to get "gaming is forever" tattoo

The retweet war started by 100T’s own, Froste, means the org’s founder and CEO will get some new ink courtesy of their Twitter following.
Retweet challenge forces 100T Nadeshot to get "gaming is forever" tattoo

I think saying “the internet is powerful” has just become cliche nowadays, but where's the lie, though? And we have yet another example of that today.

CEO and Founder of the American esports organisation 100 Thieves, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, went up against the internet and lost and it was a rookie error really: He challenged Twitter. (Gaming Twitter, on top of that.)

On Thursday 25th February, Nadeshot tweeted his latest tattoo on his right arm stating that there are “a million more to go until this arm is filled up”. Then, a challenger arose. Nadeshot tattoo sex is temporary
(Picture: @Nadeshot)

Erind “Froste” Puka, a content creator for 100 Thieves since 2019, tried the oh-so-original trend of asking for a number of social media interactions; likes, shares, or in this case, retweets for a certain action to be taken by the challengee.

Froste did not hold back and asked Nadeshot -- y’know, his boss -- how many retweets would it take for Nade to get “Sex is temporary, gaming is forever” tattooed on his body forever.

nadeshot tattoo froste challenge 100 thieves(Picture: @Nadeshot)

Being fair to Froste, that tweet would make for great content. As a content creator, he was doing a stellar job, right? But, Nadeshot? He lowballed his Twitter community.

Nadeshot asked for 100,000 RTs -- just for perspective, Froste and Nadeshot combine have about 3,000,000 Twitter followers. 100,000 retweets only represent 3.33% of their followers. Yup.

The goal was met within two hours and Nadeshot will have to get the line “Sex is temporary, gaming is forever” tattoed -- and in another twist, Nadeshot has doubled down stating that for 1 million RTs more, Twitter can choose the body part, “face excluded” of course.

So hurry up and retweet before the 24 hours are over and let’s get it across both his thumbs -- maybe that’ll get him thinking twice before going all Twitter fingers and choosing low numbers.