Rogue sells its soul to acquire Satan as professional Tweeter

Rogue unveiled its latest demonic signing in the form of a professional Tweeter from the very depths of Hell itself - Satan. No one is sure quite what the signing will entail for the organisation or ruler of Hell.
Rogue sells its soul to acquire Satan as professional Tweeter

Fans have been left confused by the news that esports organisation Rogue have signed @s8n as its first 'Rogue Pro Tweeter' in a recent announcement.

The account parodying Satan has almost two and a half million followers at the time of writing and has since changed its banner to display its new title and role within Rogue.


For those unfamiliar with the account, there is little connection to esports found and instead, the account owner is dedicated to Tweeting in the persona of the Devil himself.

Many have joked that the signing could see Satan become verified due to the new status a signing could bring, but it is not known at this time if the process will go ahead.

The secondary account of Satan, @s8nspam, has the hashtag #VerifySatan in its bio which could suggest the signing was indeed a move to try seek verification from Twitter itself.

As an evil entity, it is not known in what capacity Satan will work with Rogue or if this was simply short-term trickery on the side of the Devil and an amusing social media boost for the organisation.

It seems as though HellRaisers or Evil Geniuses would be more natural fits, but this could be an interesting blood pact or partnership from Hell for both parties.

For now, the only words exchanged are the announcement and a message from Satan found below.

Novelty signings and partnerships by esports organisations are not new, with Team Vitality recruiting the owner of a Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut fan account to its social media team earlier this year, but Rogue working with Satan is one of the strangest in recent times.