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Fable Xbox Showcase 2023 Gameplay

Will Fable FINALLY show up again at the upcoming Xbox & Bethesda showcase?
Fable Xbox Showcase 2023 Gameplay

We FINALLY have a Fable trailer. It's not much, but it confirms that Richard Ayoade will be in the game playing a giant. There's still no release date, but brief snippets of gameplay were shown throughout the trailer that looked incredible. The game will be launching day one on Xbox Game Pass, as is the same with a lot of Xbox exclusives.

[ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS]: Fable was first announced before the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S had even been released, way back in July 2020. We've not seen anything from the game since then, though several reports have been released stating that the game may be facing development issues. Could this upcoming Xbox & Bethesda showcase finally be the show that we see it at? Or will we be waiting even longer?

Fable Gameplay Countdown

Xbox Bethesda Showcase
2 days, 03:36:25

Will we actually get to see Fable again?

We've kinda lost all hope that we'll ever see Fable again. It's been such a long time since we've seen the game that we can't even imagine we'll see it, but we'd love to see more than just the first cinematic CGI reveal trailer. That first trailer doesn't really give away anything at all, but it's worth noting that Xbox released a teaser for the Xbox Bethesda Showcase that showed somebody following a trail of glitter to their Xbox, which is the exact same way that Fable indicates which direction you need to go into to get to your objective, which suggests that maybe the game will make some form of an appearance at the showcase. 

The game itself though could be absolutely years away, as Fable is known for not only having a long development cycle, but for facing issues in development.