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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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News > Battle Royale > Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys Season 2: Medieval theme, new rounds and outfits revealed

The game has been the hit of the summer and season 2 is set to drop everyone's beans into at least six new medieval-themed rounds and costumes.

You can't move for Fall Guys' madness at the moment, it seems like everyone is playing Mediatonic's unique spin on the battle royale, and it is safe to say it has captured the imagination of millions becoming the most downloaded game of all time on the PlayStation Plus.

With millions of fans, now is the clamour for new content and the team at Fall Guys are hard at work, work they gave us the first glimpse of during Gamescom: Opening Night Live, where a feast of new titles and announcements were made.

And it looks like Falls Guys is set to get decidedly medieval in Season 2, with brand new rounds and costumes all inspired by middle ages coming to the game soon.

Fall Guys Season 2 Medieval sneak peak

Fall Guys Season 2 medieval new rounds costumes

Promising new rounds "inspired by epic quests from the middle ages" the medieval theme looks to fit perfectly with Fall Guys aesthetics,

All-in-all we counted six brand new rounds, which the developers have stated will see players "traverse giant drawbridges, dodge swinging axes, and scale moveable sea ramps."


Fall Guys Season 2 new rounds

Fall Guys Season 2 new rounds

Fall Guys Season 2 new rounds

Fall Guys Medieval new rounds 3

Fall Guys Season 2 new rounds

Fall Guys season 2 medieval theme drawbridge


New Fall Guys costumes for season 2

One of the most enjoyable parts of the game is dressing up your bean with the myriad of costumes and outfits you can unlock through the battle pass and purchase from the in-game store. With season 2 having a medieval theme (though we have to say they are slightly stretching the term medieval with some of these costumes) players will get the chance to adorn their character with Viking helmets, knight's armour, wizard's cloaks and even a dinosaur.

Fall Guys costume 1

Fall guys wizard viking

Fall guys medieval dinosaur

One thing we didn't get yet was a release date for season 2, but going off the footage it isn't far off and is likely to get a release in September.