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Fall Guys Season 4 Will Add A Level Editor

There will be a brand new level editor coming to Season 4 of Fall Guys.
Fall Guys Season 4 Will Add A Level Editor

Fall Guys is one of the more interesting battle royal games that are out there. It is a race to the finish, and players will get knocked out depending on how well they perform. Players can buy cosmetics with Kudos and show off at the end if they end up being victorious.

Throughout the lifespan of Fall Guys, there have been many seasons of the game, and there have been many events in it as well. Because of that, Fall Guys is very much alive, and there are plenty of reasons to jump in. A new season of Fall Guys is coming, and with that new season, a creative mode will be added to the game.

Fall Guys Creative Mode

Fall Guys Creative Mode Season 4
A brand new creative mode is coming to Fall Guys. (Picture: Mediatonic)

In a recent 30-minute-long trailer, Fall Guys developers went into detail about what players should expect in Season 4 of the game. The biggest change they have made so far is coming to Fall Guys, and it is creative mode. This creative mode will allow players to not only make their own levels but they will also have the ability to share them as well.

Players will be able to place various obstacles on a blank course in creative mode. They will use the various tools provided in the game to make their dream level. Once they have finished, players will have to do a test run to see if their levels can be finished. Once completed, players can upload the course, and they will receive a code for their level to share.

More Details About Season 4 Of Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 4
The developers are bringing in a lot of new content for Fall Guys Season 4. (Picture: Mediatonic)

The Fall Guys development team is very excited about the creative mode for Fall Guys Season 4. The team said in the video that all future levels from Mediatonic will be created in the new Fall Guys Creative mode. The team claims that doing so will allow them to create more levels faster and easier than before, and on top of that, there should be far fewer bugs to worry about.

With that in mind, players should get ready for a lot more levels coming in Season 4. The dev team said that they fully expect to drop over 50 rounds throughout the course of Season 4 of Fall Guys. This is a large number of levels which means that Fall Guys fans have a lot to look forward to in Season 4.