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Fallout 76: How To Solve The Riddle In 'Wasted on Nukashine'

If you want to know how to solve the main riddle in the Wasted on Nukashine mission, we have the answer right here.
Fallout 76: How To Solve The Riddle In 'Wasted on Nukashine'

In Fallout 76, there are a large number of missions that you can take part in in the game. Each mission has its own rewards and reasons why you would want to do them. Some missions might lead you to launch your own nuke while others might simply lead you to a small cache of treasure that you can use for crafting.

However, some of the missions are not as simple as gathering some materials in Fallout 76. Some missions involve intense puzzles and riddle-solving without giving the player much direction or advice. This is true for the Wasted on Nukashine mission in Fallout 76. Here, we will go over how to solve the main puzzle in the Nukashine mission.

How To Solve The Nukashine Riddle In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Nukashine riddle
The riddle of the Nukashine mission tells players to find a secret location. (Picture: Bethesda)

The Nukashine riddle is part of the most recent DLC for Fallout 76, the Nuka-World on Tour DLC. To get started, players will have to interact with a party poster and go to a fraternity house. You will go upstairs and see a glowing bottle, which ends up being Nukashine. Drink the Nukashine and the player will pass out. Once you are up again, read the Nukashine Label that is now in your inventory. That label contains the riddle. The riddle is as follows:

"At our Alma Mater stands a boy, gray & cold, The steps behind him are the first threshold, Around the right corner, study the street, Just to the left is the place that we meet, There you can stain your skin with ink, But find the back door & we'll get you a drink"

To solve this riddle, you will need to go to a location that is hinted through the riddle. If you want to know the answer straight away, you will need to go to Big Al's Tattoo Parlor in Morgantown near the university. Head inside through the back entrance. You will then go to the Nuka-Cola machine to open a hidden door. From there, it is much easier to complete the Wasted on Nukashine mission.

What Do I Get For Solving The Nukashine Riddle?

Nukashine Riddle Fallout 76
Players will learn how to make Nukashine at the end of the Nukashine mission. (Picture: Bethesda)

Once you solve the riddle, you will still need to complete the rest of the mission. But the riddle is the hardest part since this is the only part of the mission that is not solved by going to a waypoint that the game gives you. Once you have solved the Nukashine Riddle, the game will bring back the waypoints.

At the end of the mission, you gain the ability to craft Nukashine. Nukashie is interesting because players will blackout and wake up in a random location on the map. Players can end up finding some hidden secrets that might have been missed without the help of Nukashine. So it is an interesting reward for players.