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Fallout 76 Legendary Modules: How To Get, Location and Reset Times

Here is our comprehensive guide on how to get Legendary Modules in Fallout 76.
Fallout 76 Legendary Modules: How To Get, Location and Reset Times

One of the biggest key aspects to succeed in Fallout 76 as a player is understanding how to craft in the game. There are a lot of craftable items in Fallout 76 and crafting is a mechanic that you will have to familiarize yourself with. You can craft both weapons and armor in this game and you should do so if you want to be as strong as possible.

One of the key crafting components that players will need to have in Fallout 76 is Legendary Modules. Legendary Modules are much like Legendary Cores as you need them to craft the best weapons and armor in Fallout 76. Here, we are going to go over how you can get yourself Legendary Modules easily in Fallout 76 so you can craft the weapons and armor you want to have.

How To Find Legendary Modules In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Legendary Modules Location
Legendary Modules are essential in crafting in Fallout 76. (Picture: Bethesda)

Finding Legendary Modules in Fallout 76 is actually pretty easy. Throughout the lifespan of the game, more currencies and shops have become available in the game. Legendary Modules can actually be bought for the right price. To buy Legendary Modules, you will need to find Purveyor Murmrgh at The Rusty Pick. There, she will sell Legendary Modules at the price of 50 Legendary Scrips. Purveyor Murmrgh will only carry 100 Legendary Modules at a time but it will reset every time you enter a server. 

To get Legendary Scrip, you will need to complete Daily Quests, Daily Ops, Nuclear Winter Quests, and trade in legendary items. So there is no shortage of ways to get Legendary Scrip which means it should be pretty easy to get Legendary Modules.

So You Can't Farm Legendary Modules?

Since the only way to earn Legendary Modules in Fallout 76 is buying them from Purveyor Murmrgh, it goes without saying that no, you cannot farm Legendary Modules.

What Are Legendary Modules Used For In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Legendary Modules How To Farm
Use Legendary Modules to create the best weapons and armor in Fallout 76. (Picture: Bethesda)

As previously mentioned, Legendary Cores are used for crafting in Fallout 76. But they are not used for ordinary crafting. Fallout 76 has something called Legendary Crafting. As you might have guessed, Legendary Crafting is how players are able to craft and create Legendary items in the game.

Any piece of legendary equipment that a player wants to create will require at least one Legendary Module. That means that Legendary Modules are essential to making your character as strong as they can possibly be. Legendary Modules are used in conjunction with Legendary Cores to create the best Power Armor, weapons, and other pieces of equipment for players who want to cruise through the world of Fallout 76 without too many issues.