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Fallout 76 Meat Week 2023 - Start Date, How To Play & Rewards

Are you hungry for another Meat Week event in Fallout 76 in 2023? Here's when it starts, how to play, and all the rewards.
Fallout 76 Meat Week 2023 - Start Date, How To Play & Rewards

Are you hungry? Well, you better be because the next Fallout 76 Meat Week in 2023 is the event you'll want to sink your teeth into! This popular annual community event will see Grahm return to feed some of the hungriest creatures in the wasteland. As such, he needs your help to gather enough meaty goodness to fill their bellies and ensure the success of his cookout.

With two fun and challenging events to participate in during Meat Week in Fallout 76, you're sure to have a sizzling good time. That said, you don't want to miss out on the chance to earn exclusive rewards and make your mark on the wasteland as a true barbecue master. So here's everything about Fallout 76 Meat Week, including when it's happening, how to play, and all the rewards on offer.

Updated on 4 March 2023: We checked for new details about Fallout 76 Meat Week 2023. Unfortunately, there are no new details about the limited-time event at this time. We'll check again soon and update this page accordingly.

Fallout 76 Meat Week 2023 - Start Date & Time

Unfortunately, Bethesda has not provided details about when players might expect Meat Week to start in Fallout 76 this year. That said, this popular community event reoccurs annually, so it's only a matter of time before the next Fallout 76 Meat Week in 2023 will be announced.

Last year, Fallout 76 hosted a "double helping" of Meat Week, which ran from 16 to 30 August 2022 at the top of every hour. Based on previous events, the next Meat Week in Fallout 76 should begin anywhere between August and October 2023. We'll keep you updated on the exact start date and time.

Fallout 76 Meat Week 2023 - How To Play

fallout 76 meat week tasks how to play
Players can participate in two events during Meat Week in Fallout 76. (Picture: YouTube / Naked Vault Dweller) 

As mentioned, two events run during Meat Week: Primal Cuts and Gram's Meat Cook. You can learn more about each of these events in the sections below.

Primal Cuts

In the Primal Cuts event, players must slaughter waves of creatures within a time limit to obtain Prime Meat. The event appears in three of the five regions of Appalachia every 15 minutes. Once enough meat has been gathered; it can be deposited in a cooking cauldron during the Grahm's Meat-Cook event for progress, legendary scrip, and rewards.

Grahm's Meat Cook

fallout 76 meat week 2022 grahms cookout location
Find Grahm near Vault 76 to participate in Fallout 76's Meat Week. (Picture: YouTube / Naked Vault Dweller)

The Grahm's Meat Cook event in Fallout 76 takes place in the Forest south of Vault 76 and starts every hour. Players must perform tasks such as cleaning up leftovers, extinguishing brush fires, gathering feed, and providing musical entertainment to maintain the quality of the cookout. The event's success is measured by a progress bar, and Grahm will reward participants with exclusive, barbecue-themed items depending on the outcome. The more successful the cookout, the higher the chances of receiving rare loot.

Fallout 76 Meat Week 2023 - All Rewards

Players can earn exclusive rewards by participating in the Meat Week festivities in Fallout 76, including XP, Caps, Treasury Notes, Prime Meat cuts, Stimpak, items, and more. The rewards you earn during the event are random, with the drop chance increasing with a higher reward tier (i.e., the better you perform, the sweeter the rewards). We've listed some of the rewards you could earn below.

  • Bloody Chef Hat
  • Bloody Chef Outfit
  • Chally the Moo-Moo Mask
  • Chally the Moo-Moo Outfit
  • Grillmaster Hat
  • Plan: Beer Steins Display Case
  • Plan: Brahmin Grill
  • Plan: Chally the Moo-Moo Backpack
  • Plan: Decoy Ducks
  • Plan: Flamer
  • Plan: Grocery Cart Grill
  • Plan: Meat Cleaver
  • Plan: Meat Tenderizer
  • Plan: Meat Week Flag
  • Plan: Meat Week Souvenir Beer Stein
  • Plan: Peppered Tenderizer Mod
  • Plan: Pepper Shaker
  • Plan: Plastic Fruit Bowl
  • Plan: Plastic Fruit Wreath
  • Plan: Salty Tenderizer Mod
  • Plan: Shishkebab
  • Plan: Spicy Tenderizer Mod
  • Recipe: Tato Salad
  • The Tenderizer

That's everything you need to know about Meat Week in Fallout 76. We want to thank the Fallout 76 Wiki contributors for providing information on this seasonal activity.