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When Does Fallout 76 Season 15 End?

How long does the current Fallout 76 season last?
When Does Fallout 76 Season 15 End?

Fallout 76 has undergone massive changes since the game originally launched. There is a lot more content in the game that players can enjoy and take advantage of. There are even rewards that players can unlock through gameplay which is very similar to the battle pass system that other games have implemented.

This battle pass is called the SCORE system in Fallout 76. As all battle passes before it, players want it to be updated so they have something new to look forward to while playing Fallout 76.

What Date Does Fallout 76 Season 15 'The Big Score' End

Whilst an official date has not been confirmed by Bethesda, the in-game timer shows that Fallout 76 Season 15 is set to end on March 5, 2024.

This means the current season should last 91 days, or 13 weeks.

Like any Fallout 76 Season, once one season ends there is usually a major new update, server maintenance, and then the immediate start of the new season of content.

How Long Is Left In Fallout 76 Season 15

The countdown timer below will show you how much time is remaining in the current season of Fallout 76 'The Big Score'.

Fallout 76 Season 15 Time Remaining
7 days, 06:55:01