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When Does Fallout 76 Season 12 End? Live Countdown

Here, we give you all the details on when Season 11 is going to end for Fallout 76.
When Does Fallout 76 Season 12 End? Live Countdown

Fallout 76 has undergone massive changes since the game originally launched. There is a lot more content in the game that players can enjoy and take advantage of. There are even rewards that players can unlock through gameplay which is very similar to the battle pass system that other games have implemented.

This battle pass is called the SCORE system in Fallout 76. As all battle passes before it, players want it to be updated so they have something new to look forward to while playing Fallout 76. That is why there are seasons in the game. Here, we are going to go over the details of when Season 12 of Fallout 76 will end.

What Is The Season 12 End Date For Fallout 76?

To help players look forward to the future, Bethesda has a seasons page on their website that players can look at so they understand what is coming in the future for Fallout 76. As of this writing, we are currently in Season 12 of Fallout 76 which was the Nuka World expansion. But that will eventually end.

Season 12 for Fallout 76 will end in June 2023. The next season for Fallout 76 is called Shoot for the Stars and more details on Season 13 will be released in due time.

Between now and the end of Season 12, Bethesda is going to push for a large number of events throughout the remainder of the season. That includes big sales from Minerva and events like the Mothman Equinox. So players still have plenty more to do during Season 12 of Fallout 76.

What Time Does Season 11 End For Fallout 76?

At the time of writing, there is no official time for when Fallout 76 Season 12 ends and when Season 13 begins.

That being said, we normally see new Fallout 76 updates released in the afternoon and they can on occasion take a good few hours to release.

Fallout 76 Season End
Bethesda has content planned from the start of the season until the end of the season. (Picture: Bethesda)

What Can Players Do For The Rest of Season 12 For Fallout 76?

Since Season 12 just started for Fallout 76, there are still plenty of activities that players can participate in to enjoy the game. On the Fallout 76 website, Bethesda has a seasons page available for all players to look at. From there, Bethesda has laid out their plans for the remainder of the season so players can plan out their time in Fallout 76.

For example, there are double SCORE weekends, double XP weekends, seasonal events, and more for players to enjoy. If players are wondering what is left to do in Fallout 76 near the end of the season, they should consider looking at that page so they have an idea of what is coming in the near future of the game.