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How To Get Caps In Fallout Shelter

Caps make the world go round in Fallout Shelter, so here's how to get more caps.
How To Get Caps In Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, your primary source of currency is Caps. You can use Caps to buy rooms, get upgrades, change Dwellers' appearances, and more. But how do you get more Caps so you can do everything you want in Fallout Shelter?

Fallout Shelter: How To Get Caps

caps fallout shelter
Sending Mr Handy or your Dwellers out into the Wasteland is one way to get more Caps. (Picture: Bethesda)

Caps are an incredibly important resource in Fallout Shelter, enabling you to do pretty much anything you want to do. Using them lets you build,  upgrade, switch up your Dwellers' appearances, and much more — but they're far from unlimited. You'll need to earn your keep if you want to continue upgrading your Vault.

Thankfully, because Caps are the main currency in Fallout Shelter, there are numerous ways to get them as you play. Some approaches are better than others and can net you Caps faster than others, but you'll get Caps no matter what as you play through the game.

1. Get The Most Out Of Production Rooms

The first way to get Caps is through production rooms. Not only will you find Caps (as well as other resources) in them, you'll also get Caps for completing a production room successfully (and for completing objectives in general). This makes production rooms one of the best and most consistent sources of Caps in Fallout Shelter.

2. Interact With Dwellers

You can also get Caps by interacting with Dwellers, either by levelling them up, sending them to explore the Wasteland, or increasing their stats. In other words, if you put money and effort into your Dwellers, you'll get even more out.

3. Open Lunchboxes

The last reliable way to get more Caps in Fallout Shelter is to get them from Lunchboxes and in your starter pack. These bundles of Caps are a great way to stock up on the currency.

These aren't the only ways to get Caps in Fallout Shelter, and there are lots of small, random events that can help you happen upon Caps. However, production rooms, Dweller interactions, and getting Lunchbox rewards are the best and most reliable ways to get more of the most useful currency in Fallout Shelter.