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How To Get Mr Handy For Free In Fallout Shelter

Want to get Mr Handy for free in Fallout Shelter? Here's your guide.
How To Get Mr Handy For Free In Fallout Shelter
(Picture: Bethesda)

Mr Handy is a robot in Fallout Shelter who can help you out by automatic your resource collecting. This can save you a lot of time, and you won't have to worry about grabbing resoruces when they're ready. So how do you get Mr Handy in Fallout Shelter? Normally you'll have to pay for him, but here's how to get Mr Handy for free.

How To Get Mr Handy For Free In Fallout Shelter

Getting Mr Handy in Fallout Shelter will normally cost you real-world money, unless you're willing to wait to try to get him out of mystery boxes (and trust us, it'll take a while - he's quite a rare drop at only 8%). However, there's a new way to get Mr Handy for free in Fallout Shelter, letting you earn and use this character without paying anything at all.

mr handy
Mr Handy is a resource-collecting robot in Fallout Shelter. (Picture: Bethesda)

Getting Mr Handy for free is easy with the new Fallout TV questlines. However, you'll first have to complete a few quests before you get to the one that offers Mr Handy. Once you finish Lucy, Ghoul, Maximus, and Ma Ghoul's questlines, you'll be able to get the quest that offers Snip Snip, which is called the 'Snipping Coupons' quest.

Snip Snip is a special type of Mr Handy robot; he's functionally identical to Mr Handy, but sports a different color and some different dialogue. In other words, he's essentially Mr Handy with a different skin.

mr handy
Obtaining Mr Handy usually requires real-world money purchases. (Picture: Bethesda)

So, by completing the Snip Snip questline called Snipping Coupons, you can get Snip Snip, who is mechanically identical to Mr Handy. Once you complete the Snip Snip quest, you'll not only unlock Mr Handy/Snip Snip, but you'll also unlock access to the final few quests in Fallout Shelter's new Fallout TV questline.

How To Get Mr Handy For Free: Alternative Method

Another way to potentially get Mr Handy for free is to successfully complete the Game Show Gauntlet weekly quest. The rewards for this quest are randomized from a set of about ten rewards, so you're not guaranteed to get Mr Handy this way - but it's a possibility (albeit a slim one).

You can also get Mr Handy from opening Lunchboxes, but the drop rate for this is also quite low, so it's not a reliable way to get this character if you're dead set on adding one to your vault.