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How To Get Pets In Fallout Shelter

Here's how to get pets in Fallout Shelter to aid your Vault Dwellers in their tasks.
How To Get Pets In Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, you can get pets and assign them to your Vault Dwellers for a boost. Different types of pets will let you boost your Dwellers in different ways, such as getting you more Caps and allowing you to produce more resources. While pets haven't always been in the game, having a furry companion is now pretty important.

But how do you get furry friends for your Dwellers in Fallout Shelter? In this guide, we'll walk you through how to get pets of your own, and what they do.

Fallout Shelter: How To Get Pets

pets fallout shelter
There are various types of pets available in Fallout Shelter. (Picture: Bethesda)

In Fallout Shelter, the best way to get a pet is by sending out a Dweller or Mr. Handy to the Wasteland and making sure to engage in the random encounters whenever they come upon a building. Random encounters have a chance of giving you, and your Dweller, a pet. These pets can range from dogs to cats and even birds.

Sending out Dwellers to the Wasteland isn't the only way to get pets in the game. You can also get pets for your Dwellers as Lunchbox rewards, but they are much less common and aren't a reliable source.

If you were playing during the Fallout Shelter pet update, you'll also get a free pet carrier the first time you log in after the update.

What Do Pets Do In Fallout Shelter?

If you're looking to get pets in Fallout Shelter, you might be wondering what exactly they do. By pairing a pet with a Dweller, you'll get whatever boost is associated with that specific animal.

Each pet has a different type of boost; for example, while some will increase your Damage, others will up Objective Completion or lower Training Time. It's a good idea to match up pets with Dwellers that suit their boosts.