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Every mythic animal's location in Far Cry 6

Find those legendary animals with ease in Far Cry 6.
One of the best parts about any Far Cry title is the ability to hunt down and kill animals for their resources. They often allow players to craft upgrades and add to their gear set. In Far Cry 6, players can do this normally but they also have the option to hunt down Mythical Animals for a full gear set. 

The gear set in question is aptly named “Primal” and it’s only attainable through killing and looting various mythical animals found around Yara. Of course, these animals are high level and aren’t easy to take down, so players should be at a fairly advanced level before hunting them. A rule of thumb is to not hunt down any animal outside of the zone you’re currently in. 

Of course, before players can even think about hunting the mythical animals, they need to know where they can find them in Far Cry 6.  

Every mythical animal location in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 mythical animal locations
Chorizo isn’t a mythical animal but some players count him as one. (Picture: Ubisoft)

In total, there are five mythical animals in Far Cry 6. Each one represents a different part of the Primal gear set, so you can’t craft the set without killing one of the animals first. Below, you can find the name and location of each mythical animal that can be found in Yara. 

  • Mamutito The Hog: Located in the Vencejo region of Isla Santurio. It’s found in the Prado Meadows inlet on the northern side of the island. 

  • Black and White Demoniaco: These are two separate wolves located in Madrugada. Both are found in the Aguas Lindas region of the territory, near the Sucio River. 

  • Venodiente: Located in Valle De Oro in the Balaceras region. The crocodile is surrounded by a ton of enemy AI but players can pick the animal out of the crowd easily. Players can get a vehicle with a weapon of some sort to make this fight a breeze. 

  • Sanguinario: This jaguar is found in El Este near the Sierra Perdida region on or around the beach. It only appears at night, so players will need to time when they visit the animal. 

Where are mythical animals in Far Cry 6
Yara is home to many dangerous creates. (Picture: Ubisoft)

And that’s all of the mythical animals in Far Cry 6. Most are fairly easy to kill as long as you’re high enough level and have the right gear and weapons to back you up. Once all are killed, you’ll have the ability to craft the Primal gear set. 


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft