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Far Cry 6 takes long to load: Warm up PSO Cache error fix

Far Cry 6 Warm up PSO Cache message has many players worried because Far Cry 6 takes forever to load, or sometimes doesn't even start and crashes instead. This guide will explain to you how to fix Far Cry 6 long loading time during warm up PSO Cache message.
Far Cry 6 takes long to load: Warm up PSO Cache error fix

Far Cry 6's "Warm up PSO Cache" message on PC appears when you are trying to start the game and some players report that it takes far too long for Far Cry 6 to load because of this.

Why does Far Cry 6 take forever to load and what that has to do with Warm up PSO Cache message?

Far Cry 6 Warm up PSO Cache - what does it mean?

Far Cry 6 takes long to load: Warm up PSO Cache error fix
Players report that "Warm up PSO Cache" makes Far Cry 6 loading "forever". (Picture: Ubisoft)

Like all other Far Cry games, Far Cry 6 is a huge open-world game with an enormous world to explore. The island of Yara is one of the biggest Far Cry maps to date and there is a tremendous amount of assets that the game needs to load before kicking off.

The role of the "Warm Up PSO cache" part is exactly in this. During this time the game pre-loads all the necessary assets, including models, textures, the whole areas of the map, and all other "huge" parts of the game, so that when you eventually start playing the game, everything is already prepared upfront and there are no loading times when going from one area of the open world to another.

But why is this sometimes really slow and can you speed it up?

How to fix Far Cry 6 long loading times

Far Cry 6 takes long to load: Warm up PSO Cache error fix
The only way to speed up Far Cry 6 loading time is to have a better SSD. (Picture: Ubisoft)

If Far Cry 6 takes really long to load on your PC that's probably during the "Warm up PSO Cache" message,

This happens because the game needs extra time to load all the important files and can happen for several reasons.

  • If your game is installed on HDD, this will make the loading process significantly slower.
  • If you have an SSD, try reinstalling the game there, it will drastically improve your loading times.
  • If the game still loads slowly even while on SSD, try to verify all the files via Ubisoft Connect, as there might be an error that has occurred during the installation process.
  • Finally, try to restart your PC and then run the game again to see if it will load faster this time around.
  • Check out Ubisoft's official social media pages to see if the problem might be on their side, something like a server outage might be the cause of this issue.

If none of these options was of help to you, trying contacting Ubisoft support directly and see if they can help you.

Ultimately, even with some of the slowest HDDs, Far Cry 6 shouldn't take too long to load, so if the issue with the "Warm Up PSO cache" message persists, there might be some bigger problems behind it, in which case you should check the health of your drive.

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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.