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Far Cry 6 best early game weapons - locations where to find them

Where to find the best guns in Far Cry 6 is something players will want to know the very moment they start playing as Dani Rojas, the game's main protagonist. Here are the locations of the best early game weapons in Far Cry 6 and a guide on how to find them.
Far Cry 6 best early game weapons - locations where to find them
The time has come, Far Cry 6 has been released, we must face the cruel dictator, El Presidente Antón Castillo, and help the oppressed citizens of Yara.

While the characters and the setting are different, at its core Far Cry 6 is just another Far Cry game, and not much has changed in that regard. Like most Ubisoft games, you will have many missions to complete, but you will also have a huge open world to explore which hides many secrets and special items if you know where to search... and what are you searching for.

The fictional island of Yara doesn't lack guns for your rebellion against Antón Castillo, but not all weapons are equally good. 

The game hides many unique "signature" weapons which have special properties and are usually stronger than normal weapons. You will be able to find them throughout the game and in almost all situations they will be one of the better options you have at your disposal at that moment.

The only downside of these weapons is that they come with preset mods and attachments, and you aren't able to change them, but that is offset by their superb quality, so it isn't really a huge hassle.

Here are some of the best Far Cry 6 weapons you can find early in the game.

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead

Best early game weapons in Far Cry 6 - all locations

Blood Drunk

Far Cry 6 best early game weapons - locations where to find them
The Blood Drunk is in the box below the portrait. (Picture: Ubisoft)

The Blood Drunk pistol can be found during the Napoleon El Pequeno mission you will do for Clara.

The Blood Drunk is hidden in a box inside the house of Castillo’s nephew, in the same room where the computer is. Check out the video below to learn how and where to find it.

The Blood Drunk is an excellent weapon at close range, which can set enemies on fire thanks to its 4 Star Incendiary Rounds attachment. It also has bonus damage when shooting from the high ground, and it comes with a leech effect, which means that it can heal you back a percentage of damage you deal with it.

Death Rites

Far Cry 6 best early game weapons - locations where to find them
The Death Rites is the best early game rifle. (Picture: Ubisoft, via Gamepur)

The Death Rites assault rifle is a perfect primary weapon for the early game. It can be found after you complete the New Revolution mission. On your way back to the mainland after this mission, you will float out in a small village with huts, and one of the chests nears huts will have the Death Rites inside it.

The Death Rites comes packed with armour-piercing rounds, which are particularly effective against Antón Castillo's military forces. If you don't like weapons with too much recoil, the Death Rites will be your best friend, as it comes equipped with a compensator that significantly neutralizes the weapon's recoil.

Just like the Blood Drunk, it also comes with a leech-like mod called Vampiric Triada, with a chance to heal you every time you do damage with the weapon.

Lethal Dose

Far Cry 6 best early game weapons - locations where to find them
The mongoose will jump on you from the shed. (Picture: Ubisoft)

The Lethal Dose is another great pistol option for the early game. It can be found upon completing the Mongoose and the Man Treasure Hunt. To complete this Treasure Hunt go to the beach house just west of Costa Del Mar. The gate will be locked, so you will need to shot off the lock and enter the house. Upon inspecting the house, you will find a locked case upstairs.

Go out on the balcony and from there jump into the backyard, where you will see a shed. Make sure to have your weapon ready before opening the shed, as a particularly nasty mongoose will jump out from it and attack you. You will need to kill it in order to obtain the key for the case. Now go back inside the house, unlock the case and take the Lethal Dose.

The Lethal Dose shines against lightly armoured enemies, and it comes with a bigger mag compared to other pistols, but what's particularly crazy is its perk that reloads EVERY weapon in your inventory when you reload this gun.


Far Cry 6 best early game weapons - locations where to find them
The lighthouse is really easy to spot. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Finally, the Snapshot auto pistol is also something you should consider for the early game. You can find the Snapshot at the top of a lighthouse located on the coast of the Zamok Archipielago. You can get to the lighthouse by following the road that leads to the west of Balaceras.

Once you find the lighthouse, just climb to the top, where you will find a chest, and inside the Snapshot will await you. 

The Snapshot uses Soft-Target rounds and it works wonders against lightly armoured enemies. It comes equipped with Small Compensator which reduces recoil, and it also has an Extended Mag for that extra ammo.

For those of you with OCD that always preload before emptying the mag, this weapon comes with the Preloader perk, which means that it reloads faster if there are still some bullets left in the magazine.

And there you have it, the best early game weapons in Far Cry 6 and where to find them.


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.