Banned FIFA pro Kurt fires back in new video: "It's a personal witchhunt"

Banned FIFA pro, Kurt "Kurt04011" Fenech, has released a YouTube video to "explain everything" around his ongoing feud with publisher EA Sports.
Banned FIFA pro Kurt fires back in new video: "It's a personal witchhunt"

Controversial FIFA creator Kurt "Kurt0411" Fenech has released a YouTube video following his recent ban from all EA Sports titles for allegedly orchestrating "threatening personal attacks" against FIFA community managers and the game's developers.

It's an accusation which Kurt, while he doesn't admit to, concedes were a result of his actions.

In a 22 minute video the 25-year-old admitted to some culpability: "For the first time since beginning to make videos though, I will hold my hands up... I have grown exponentially on YouTube and Twitch, more than I could have ever imagined, and that means there’s a difference when I release a video like that. 

"As I found out, me saying things like this, unfortunately, resulted in his Twitter account being slammed, attacked, whatever you want to call it, and that’s stuff I absolutely do not want to see and do not condone.”

He added: "I need to understand the influence I have. I need to be more careful about how I word things - it won't be easy."

Kurt Fenech Banned

If this seems like the words from a man looking to backtrack, you would be wrong. In the video a clearly exasperated Kurt claims "EA didn't really care", and his comments last week a FIFA community manager was  "incompetent and a waste of sperm" was an opinion he "still stands by completely". 

Kurt's latest sticking point with EA is how they have handled their "ridiculous" ban, which he likens to a "personal witch hunt".

“The reason I am annoyed about these lies EA have released is I have to sit here and explain to my friends and family what happened. They make me sound like I murdered someone. This statement is absolutely not okay," Kurt said. 



Kurt feels the problems with FIFA have been "years and years in the making, in the sense that they talk about feedback and constructive and what not. I've tried my best in the past. I believe I know what's best for the game from a gameplay standpoint, I know the way it should be heading and I've always tied my best to explain but it's usually one way... I've never had contact where the guy acknowledges and says 'we're doing this, this, and that'". 

He then gave a recent example of a player getting blocked from the @EAFIFADirect channel.

Kurt Fenech Ban Video

"I don't understand how this is deemed acceptable, how is this okay... can I please have an explanation?" he pleaded.

Responding to critics suggesting he finds another game, he replied: "Fortnite shits the bed, you go on PUBG or Apex it's not an issue... With sports games, you guys don't understand, this is the sport we love, so we want to play the game that represents that,” which the banned FIFA pro likened telling a Manchester United fan to stop supporting the club because they "don't like the Glazers" - the owners of the club.

Pro Evolution Soccer? Kurt feels it is "even worse than FIFA if you can believe it".

He added: "FIFA gave their license to EA, therefore EA holds the responsibility to give us football fans a good game. Unfortunately, there is no competition.”


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