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The best FIFA 20 FUT draft simulators

We share the best FIFA 20 FUT draft simulators so you can practice and reap the rewards of consecutive wins in this game mode inside Ultimate team.
The best FIFA 20 FUT draft simulators
If you want to reap the most rewards from the FUT Draft game mode within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, then you need to use a FUT draft simulator. At an entry price of 15,000 coins, 300 FIFA Points, or 1 Draft Token, joining a FUT Draft needs to be worth it.

This is why you need the best FIFA 20 FUT draft simulators to help you out by practising and testing your picks without risk, so you can get as many wins in a row as possible.


Arguably the best FUT draft simulator out there, FUTBIN features a wealth of resources that FIFA 20 players can take advantage of. Its FUT draft simulator is excellent and has everything you could want, such as picking the formation and players with regularly updated information.

The website is fast, responsive, and easy to navigate. FUTBIN has a FIFA 20 calculator to use for your FUT trade pile, as well as other useful features like rankings, markets, and even a featured squad section so that you can see what other players are picking.

FUTBIN should be your go-to FIFA 20 FUT draft simulator. It will help you get better at picking the right players for your drafts, and reap those rewards. If you want FUTBIN on the go, then you can download the app with all the great features mentioned above from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free.


WeFUT has a variety of FUT draft simulators, from FIFA 14 to FIFA 20. It is sleek, responsive, and just like FUTBIN, it leaves nothing to be desired. The website allows you to quickly reset formations and player picks. It also has a Pack Opener simulator and a variety of other useful features. WeFUT's draft simulator is one of the fastest out there and will help you get better at picking your draft with ease.

Speed matters with these simulators since some of them, especially through their apps, can become very sluggish when updating new player information.

The WeFUT app features many of the same general functions as those you'd find on the website. It's also one of the best for keeping appraised of player ratings while you're on the go.

WeFUT's player database filtering options are extensive which makes it ideal for finding exactly what you're looking for.

You can download the WeFUT - FUT 20 Draft, Squad Builder & Database from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free.

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FUTWIZ is a great website to use as it has a great deal of functionality, most of which are not dissimilar to the other FUT draft simulators. However, its mobile app feels lacklustre in comparison due to fewer features than its competitors. This is probably why the app currently has a 3.2/5 user rating on Google.

With that being said, the website has a Pack Opener, Squad Builder, and several other features, including the FUT Draft Simulator for FIFA 18 to FIFA 20.

You can download the FUTWIZ app for free by heading to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

FUT Watch

The FUT Watch website has all the trimmings, from an excellent FUT draft simulator to a FUT pack simulator, an extensive player database, and much more. It is a great pick if you simply want one of the best FIFA 20 FUT draft simulators out there.

The website also features some entertaining games for FIFA fans. From match predictions to a "guess who" game and even a "spin the wheel" game built into the website, you can have some fun and earn rewards all while you get those FUT draft practice in.

Unlike the other draft simulators on this list, FUT Watch doesn't have a dedicated mobile app. On the flip side, the website is mobile-friendly. It can be used with ease on your mobile device.

Closing Thoughts

While there are some other FUT draft simulators out there, these are definitely the best options to go with. Any of these options will provide you with unlimited practice, and importantly, accurate information. These simulators will help you rack up those consecutive wins and earn rewards with ease, making the FUT Draft game mode much less daunting in the process.