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Cristiano Ronaldo's POTM card branded "crazy" by irate FIFA 22 fans

With 26 separate Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and only a +1 OVR upgrade, FIFA 22 players have been left shocked but not surprised by the latest move by EA.
Cristiano Ronaldo's POTM card branded "crazy" by irate FIFA 22 fans

Few could begrudge him winning September's Premier League player of the month, but that hasn't made the taste of his Squad Building Challenge, which requires players to complete 26 SBCs, any better.

The man in question is, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo, who made a hero's return to Old Trafford and quickly started doing what he always does -- score goals.

Three in September and through a fan vote, Cristiano Ronaldo is now player of the month, which means in FIFA 22, he gets a special POTM card, which is always available through an SBC.

But fans of FIFA 22 were left shocked to discover that not only is the card upgraded by one +1 OVR, it also involves completing 26 separate SBCs, which essentially means players need 286 spare footballers to hand.

Ronaldo POTM SBC FIFA 22
Ronaldo's new POTM SBC has left FIFA 22 players outraged. (Picture: FUTBIN)

It's a move that fans have branded "delusional", and with players needing to spend upwards of 2.5m coins to complete all the squads, we can't blame them.

"Less than one week of Fifa 22, we already have a 26 squads SBC," complained Reddit user arcturuz78 on a post about the new card.

"Can't imagine what it will be like for Gullit SBC, Probably 260 squads."

"Jokes on you, there won't be a Gullit SBC," added another.

The official announcement on Twitter also went down like a Neymar in the box.

While many felt that no matter how many squads were needed, it was the wrong man they would be doing it for, with Liverpool's Salah many people's pick for POTM.

Others took a more measured toned, suggesting that since this will likely be one of the best cards until the very end of the game cycle, it better be hard to get.

Players have just two weeks to complete the SBC, something that will make it out of reach for many, and maybe that is for the best.

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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.