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EA Sports FC: Trademark filing points to new name for long-running FIFA franchise

Is popular footballing title FIFA being re-named to EA Sports FC? Official trademark filings suggest the long-running franchise may be set for a rebranding.
EA Sports FC: Trademark filing points to new name for long-running FIFA franchise

A developing news story on the football gaming front broke Thursday as ultra-popular title FIFA may be getting a refresh. The game is constantly updated with player and content drops, but this could be something even bigger.

New trademark applications in the UK suggest the game developers could be re-branding their top-selling franchise for future title releases. Documents show the name "EA Sports FC" was trademarked as online computer game entertainment and computer game software.

Here's all the latest on the potential re-naming of EA Sports world-famous footballing franchise.

FIFA 22 EA Sports FC
Could we potentially see a renaming of the world's favourite footballing title? (Picture: EA Sports)

FIFA 23 or EA Sports FC?

EA Sports are no doubt one of the biggest sports game developers of all time and have made waves in the industry across multiple sports. However, their business surrounding FIFA is a bit different from their other popular franchises.

In a statement Thursday, EA Sports general manager, Cam Weber said the company is "exploring the idea of renaming our global EA Sports football games.” This is likely due to the complexity of the other agreements EA Sports has for official licensing of players, teams, stadiums, etc.

The agreement with the FIFA World Footballing Organization essentially only grants EA Sports the right to use FIFA as the name of the title on the box. A potential change to something like EA Sports FC would likely be to cut down on what the developer sees as unnecessary expenses.

It will be worth monitoring the situation in the coming weeks to see if EA Sports officially comments on the developments. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop with this ongoing story as well as all other FIFA 22 news including SBCs and other team guides.