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FIFA 22 Wilfried Zaha Wildcard SBC: Cheapest solutions, rewards. stats

The Crystal Palace forward was hotly tipped for a Winter Wildcard and the rumours have come to pass, available through a Squad Building Challenge, here is how you can get your hands on Wilfred Zaha.
FIFA 22's Winter Wildcard promo has arrived, offering up players with supernatural boosts to position shifting upgrades.

A team of players have been released into packs as of 6 pm today, but that is not all. There will also be Winter Wildcard tokens which players can collect and redeem for players as well as a series of player Squad Building Challenges, the first of which is heavily rumoured Wilfred Zaha.

While Zaha hasn't been given a position change, he has been awarded a handy stat boost which takes his OVR from 82 to 86, meaning he is even faster and more deadly in front of goal.

Wilfred Zaha Winter Wildcard SBC cheap
Wilfred Zaha's Winter Wildcard stats make him very much a meta pick in FIFA 22. (Picture: FUTBIN)

Zaha's SBC is also easy to complete with just two SBCs required. If you are keen to get him into your Ultimate Team then follow our simple SBC guide below.

Wilfred Zaha Winter Wildcard SBC - cheapest solution

Zaha's Winter Wildcard SBC involves two SBCs, coming in at a combined cost of approx. 170k FUT coins. Here are the requirements, rewards, and solutions for both.

Note: All prices are courtesy of FUTBIN and subject to change.

Premier League SBC

  • # of players from Premier League: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Reward: 1 Prime Electrum Players Pack

Wilfred Zaha SBC cheap Winter Wildcard FIFA 22
(Picture: FUTBIN)

This squad will cost between 67-71k coins depending on the platform.

86-Rated Squad SBC

  • Squad Rating: Min 86
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Reward: 1 Small Rare Gold Players Pack

Zaha 86-rated squad cheap FIFA 22
(Picture: FUTBIN)

This squad will cost between 100-109k coins depending on the platform.


Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.