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Finally! FIFA 22 will allow players to skip celebrations (or at least look away)

Watching the opposition do the 'pigeon dance' after scoring is a thing no more as FIFA 22 will allow players to look away when the other team is celebrating.
It's got to be one of the most infuriating things in gaming. You are playing your Weekend League matches in FIFA Ultimate Team and you've just conceded a last-minute goal and instead of your opponent showing you even a modicum of respect they are 'shushing' you.

You may see it as simply part of the game but for others, though it's a red flag to an already titled opponent and screaming profanities, throwing your controller, and rage quitting is standard fare for such a provocation. 

What was doubly titling about this moment is the fact that -- unlike in offline game modes -- you can't skip these celebrations, instead, you are forced to take part in your own slow torture.

FIFA 22 celebrations celebration camera settings
Some of FIFA's celebrations seem deliberately designed to wind you up. (Picture: EA Sports)

That is until now. In a move that has had more coverage than many of the other (admittedly super impressive) changes to FIFA 22, EA has answered the calls and will be giving players the opportunity to look away when the other team is celebrating.

In the recent FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Pitch Notes -- the game mode most likely to have you steaming -- the developers confirmed the new feature in a new setting called 'Celebration Camera Settings'.

FIFA 22 celebrations skip
GET UP! (Picture: EA Sports)

The setting will allow players to either focus on their team or their opponent's celebration. By default, it will be your opponent's celebration but we are sure in time everyone will have found this particular camera setting.

Changing it will change it for all game modes, not just FUT, and it won't allow you to skip it entirely. If your opponent wants to celebrate by lying on the grass and spinning in a circle that's his business, but at least you don't have to watch him do it.