Pro FIFA player Ryan Pessoa explains why he signed with Manchester City

Professional FIFA player Ryan Pessoa has explained the reason behind his decision to sign with Manchester City, teasing their ‘amazing’ esports plans.
Pro FIFA player Ryan Pessoa explains why he signed with Manchester City

The 21-year-old recently announced he’s signed for Manchester City for the upcoming FIFA 20 season, following his departure from Hashtag United earlier this year. 

Speaking to Ginx TV, Ryan explained his reasons behind the move, saying: “I chose Man City just because of the way they’re entering esports, and the plans that they have are just amazing.  

“I can’t reveal too much of the plans they do have in store but their ambition in FIFA esports, and esports in general, was a massive selling point to me.” 

Ryan will take part in the ePremier League qualifiers for the team, with the hopes of taking Manchester City all the way to the final in March. 

He also opened up about why he prefers the latest title over last year’s FIFA 19, describing FIFA 20 as more of a ‘simulation’.  

“I prefer FIFA 20 to FIFA 19 to start off with because I feel like it’s more of a simulation,” Ryan said. “I felt like FIFA 19 was more arcade-y with the frequent el tornado crosses, the volleys, the different animations that wasn’t really based on real life football.  

“I feel like this one is much better suited to me and the way I play, so it’s just going to take time to get used to. [The el tornado crosses] were a nightmare.” 

You can check out the full interview with Ryan here.  

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