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One Achievement Is Stressing Out FFXIV Players In New Fall Guys Event

The new Fall Guys event in Final Fantasy XIV offers players the chance to win a brand new Title, but it's tied to a particularly ruthless Achievement.
One Achievement Is Stressing Out FFXIV Players In New Fall Guys Event

FFXIV's Fall Guys event has been a mixed bag for a lot of players. On one hand, it offers players the chance to grab some vibrant rewards and cosmetics by competing in some Fall Guys-inspired mini-games at the Gold Saucer. On the otherhand, it has quickly become clear that the game's netcode isn't really up to the task. 

The "obstacles" within the Fall Guys courses in FFXIV rely on hitting players with a number of debuffs and status effects, like Stun. But a lot of lag and synchronisation issues means players are getting hit with these obstacles despite seemingly being nowhere near them. If you've got actually bad lag on top of this, you can kiss that winning crown goodbye. 

Just a lowly Dragoon, sitting on a Bean, wondering when she'll win Blunderville. (Picture: Square Enix, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

One Achievement tied to the event is causing players a lot of stress. By earning the 'It’s a Blunderful Life IV' Achievement, not only do players get 5 Achievement Points, but they're also awarded the 'Queen Bean/King Bean' in-game title to use. So what are the unlock conditions? Simply place first in Blunderville 100 times. Not even qualify through 100 rounds (an arguably more respectful achievement), but win the whole thing 100 times. 

Needless to say, there's plenty of players (myself included) who cannot fathom winning Blunderville even ten times — not on Cerberus, anyway.

Some players have managed to make things a little easier on themselves by taking part in the event on less-populated servers, at times when things are known to be quiet. Players will be less likely to enter a lobby with the full 24 players, making the chances of a first place win even greater. 

Even with these tactics in place, this Achievement is still a hefty ask. What's more is that it's tied to a limited-time event, meaning Achievement hunters will need to work fast. That said, this event will be running for a while, ending on 31 December at 14:59 (GMT) /
Monday, 1 January at 1:59 (AEDT). So, if you don't mind the grind, it's certainly do-able. Personally, I think I'll give it a miss.